New! Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

New! Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

If you haven’t noticed, we really like to make things as useful as possible. We do this to help you be as eco-friendly as you can be, and also so that you’re getting the most out of what you’re buying! It’s why we started making seed paper in the first place. When you plant it, it grows, and leaves no waste behind.

It’s with that train of thought that we’ve just added Seal and Send Wedding Invitations as a super eco-friendly (and stylish) option for all of you brides out there. These are just so great, and here’s why:

Botanical PaperWorks New Rustic Tree Seal and Send Invitation

A plantable wedding invitation and reply card in one
Guests will receive their invite, and remove the detachable reply card postcard to send back their response.

No envelopes required
The whole thing folds up into one sealed piece, and is made using eco-friendly plantable seed paper that will leave absolutely no waste behind. Talk about being green! Both you and your guests can enjoy a garden full of colorful wildflowers as the big day approaches.

Easy and stress-free
Seal and send wedding invitations are incredibly easy to set up and order. No fussing with extra envelopes, or planning multiple pieces of your wedding invitations, just add a stamp to the reply card, seal them up, and send them out. Take the time you saved to relax, or focus on wrapping up all the other details.

Botanical PaperWorks New Seal and Send Invitation Infographic

Great designs
Last but not least, there are a bunch of beautiful designs to choose from, and, as always, in a wide range of color choices. Both the Rustic Tree Seal and Send Invitation and Dandelion Seal and Send Invitation are brand new, and we’ve also included two popular classic designs from our standard plantable wedding invitations too.

Go take a look at these great Seal and Send Wedding Invitations for yourself, and let us know what you think! We always love hearing from you.


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