No Plantable Paper today, Just a Funny Pug in a Jug

Our Operations Manager Bryce is a softie when it comes to animals. He has two dogs; Tobey, a beagle, and Porkchop, a pug. Him and his wife often foster dogs when local shelters get too full too, which is really great.

Today he shared a photo of Porkchop that's been making me giggle all day, and I just had to share the story with all of you.

Porkchop loves honey. So when Bryce's wife Nicky was making muffins, she thought she'd share the last bit with her. A few minutes later, Bryce went to see if the muffins were ready, and instead found this:

cute funny pug

Their pug. Stuck in a jug. A little bit of assistance, and Porkchop was free once again.

Hope you're all having a great week, we sure are!


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