Our NEWEST Seed Paper Grows Veggies!

Turn your projects into fruitful gardens of carrots, lettuce and tomatoes with this NEW Plantable Seed Paper.

Perfect for creative types with a passion for DIY’s, stationery and cuisine, this NEW Plantable Seed Paper is an innovative product that belongs in your crafting corner. Made with 100% post-consumer materials, each colourful piece of biodegradable paper is embedded with high-quality NON-GMO seeds that can be planted in a pot or garden. As the eco-paper composts away, a bed of either crunchy carrots, crisp lettuce and plump tomato vines will be left for fresh salads and healthy recipes.

Whether you use the 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 sizes for DIY wedding invitations, crafts, thank-you cards, wedding favors or other stationery projects, this NEW Plantable Seed Paper will take your creative talents and works of art to a whole new eco-friendly level! This plantable seed paper comes in a variety of shades including brick red, burnt orange, green and cream and is also available in wildflower and herb.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what kinds of innovative creations you make can make with this NEW Plantable Seed Paper and you’ll feel good knowing that your projects will #growgoodthings while leaving absolutely NO waste behind.

Perfect for creators with a passion for crafting, DIY's, stationery and cuisine, this NEW Plantable Seed Paper can be planted to grow carrots, lettuce and tomatoes!

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for what to do with this NEW Plantable Seed Paper, take a look at these ideas that can easily be printed on this seed paper:

Transform your DIY wedding invitations, crafts, greeting cards and other stationery projects into these delicious veggies with the NEW Plantable Seed Paper!

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