Our Seed Paper Bouquet, Now With a Horse!

On Friday I showed you a lovely photo we took of a bouquet of planted seed paper flowers. Today, I'm going to show you what happened to that bouquet after the photo was taken.

Our lovely designer Kristen really liked the photo and commented on how pretty the flowers were, so I gave the bouquet to her for her desk. On her way out the door on Friday afternoon, she yelled to me, "Check out the flowers on my desk! I put an expandable horse in the vase!"

So I had to go look. This is what I found:

planted seed paper bouquet
Yep, the girl doesn't lie. That's an expandable horse in the vase.

And here's what it looked like on Monday–the horse had successfully expanded, and the flowers are still going strong!

seed paper bouquet horse monday

Just a note that there were no expandable horses harmed in the process of writing this blog post.

Hope you're all having a great week!


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