Parsley Pesto Dressing Recipe Using Herbs Grown From Seed Paper

Kirsten Gum is known for her adventures in travelling the world on The Travel Channel. She’s been all over the place!

So we were honoured when Kirsten approached Botanical PaperWorks about work with her on her latest adventure – Experience Raw. You see, Kirsten is also a Gourmet Raw Food Chef, and uses her travels to share techniques, equipment and recipes that all help to contribute to healthy raw food lifestyle.

Kristen chose to use our Plantable Flavorful Memories Herb Favor for a special “Paper to Plate” series of cooking lessons in various cities across North America. Not only to encourage raw cooking, but to show how great it can be to plant your own herbs to cook with. We couldn’t agree more!

So here’s where you get to benefit from our partnership with Kirsten. Kirsten was kind enough to put together a recipe for you! Take a look at the video above, as Kirsten shows us how to use herbs grown from seed paper to make a delicious Vegan Parsley Pesto Dressing.

KirstenGum Experience Raw Plantable Seed Paper Vegan Parsley Pesto Recipe

Want to try to make it yourself? You should, it’s so good! If you didn’t catch all the ingredients in the video, that’s okay – download the free recipe card right here! And if you want to send a sample of what you make our way…we won’t mind…

Bon appétit!


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