Graphic showing a person watering themself in a plant pot to symbolize personal growth

10 Fun & Easy Personal Growth Activities

When was the last time you did something for yourself and your personal growth? Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill or try a new hobby, but haven’t found the time. Life gets busy, and other things take the priority spot. When there’s work and responsibilities to focus on, it’s easy to forget to focus on yourself, but doing so might be the boost you need.

Learn more about yourself, your friends, and the things you love to encourage personal growth

You’ll bring your new understanding into your day-to-day, making it easier to manage stress, obstacles, and challenges. For a lot of people right now, coming out of a roller-coaster couple of years, this helpful boost is needed. That’s why we put together some activities that we love, and hopefully, you will too.

You may have heard of some of these things before, maybe you haven’t. Some may stick, some might not. Wherever you’re at, keep an open mind, and let this be a playful exercise.

Start one of these simple personal growth activities today

1. Try One New Thing 

Challenge yourself to learn one new thing every day. Can be anything, something new about someone in your life, a fun science fact, or some history about where you live. Keep track of your thing in a journal to make sure you do it.  

2. Take Personality Tests 

They can really open your eyes to certain traits you might have and help you understand why you do some of the things you do. Check out the 16 personalities or Enneagram tests to get started.

3. Write Your Feelings 

There’s power in writing a letter to someone that you don’t send. Just the act of putting it into words on paper or in a note on your phone helps you process moments and let them go if needed.

4. Start a Bullet Journal

Do fancy agendas and stylish calendars excite you? Then pull out your smoothest pens because this trend is heaven for organization enthusiasts. The bullet journal may be for you, if you find yourself making lots of lists, notes, and to-dos, but can’t seem to keep them all together. Check out this instructional video to get started.

5. Join a Book Club

Most of us are creatures of habit and when we find something a book genre we like, we look for similar experiences. But what if we are missing out on discovering our next favorite? Book clubs are a great avenue for personal growth. You’ll get recommendations and they give you the chance to discuss different perspectives and broaden your horizons.

6. Get Creative in The Kitchen

Cooking (and eating) is good for the soul and experimenting with new recipes is a great way to be creative. Pick ones that have new techniques and ingredients you might not usually use to really challenge yourself. Invite your partner or close friend to make it more fun if you don’t love to cook alone.

8. Reorganize & Redecorate Your Living Spaces

Tidy your filing cabinets. Hang art on the walls. Bring in some plants. Your environment affects your mood, which then affects your productivity. Making sure your living spaces are working for you and staying organized will help you stay focused while you’re in them.

9. Create an Outdoor Adventure Bucket List for Each Season

Ever find yourself at the end of a season thinking about how you didn’t do all the things you could have? Making a bucket list can help motivate you to soak in more of the outdoors before the season has passed. Ice fishing, skating, making a snowman, planting wildflowers with seed paper – add it to the bucket list and get out and do it! It will feel good to be out there and to cross it off the list.

10. Play Getting-To-Know-You Games with Loved Ones

Learn to practice some curiosity and discover new things about your friends and family. The questions in these getting-to-know-you card games will open the doors to deeper understanding and connection. There are plenty of options out there including We’re Not Really Strangers, {THE AND} Card Games, or Where Should We Begin by Ester Perel. Some fun questions and prompts include “a dream I’ve never shared,” and “if you were in my shoes, what would you do?”

This is not an exhaustive list of personal growth activities by any stretch, but it’s a great place to start. If you have any other personal growth ideas, let us know in the reply and comments section below. Then keep growing good things!


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