corporate petal gift card holder on plantable seed paper

How Seed Paper Can Elevate Corporate Gift Card Giving

Whether celebrating a work anniversary, selecting a closing gift for a loyal client, or simply showing appreciation, corporate gifting is an important part of doing business. They help build relationships that are critical to success and growth. That’s why businesses are giving corporate gifts year-round, not just on birthdays.

The problem is choosing something that works for various people and moments when a gift is required. Decision-makers will often choose gift cards because they are easy and come in a wide range of options.

The downside is gift cards for corporate gift-giving can come across as less thoughtful.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them, it just means that adding a personal touch works wonders! That’s where custom-branded seed paper gift card holders can help. Below are a few ways they can make giving a gift card more impactful.

corporate gift card with a seed paper gift card holder for an employee anniversary

3 ways seed paper gift card holders elevate corporate gift card giving

1. A seed paper gift card allows you to add your own branding to the corporate gift card

Bring some of your personality to the design with a brand pattern and logo on the inner and outer flaps. Both the folded seed paper card holders and petaled card holders come with customizable templates for your artwork.

2. Since the paper is plantable, you’re adding on a bonus gift of flowers

Imagine how surprised your recipient will be when they realize their seed paper card holder can grow into 6 different types of wildflowers! Now they’ll have blooms to enjoy in their home garden that will also attract and support important pollinators.

3. You can add your own personalized note to the card to your recipient and say why you choose that gift card for them

Maybe you got them a café card because you know how much they love coffee. Handwrite your message in the center or on the flaps of the petaled seed paper card holder. There’s plenty of room!

Available in 2 different styles

For more space for branding and messaging, choose the petal cards. If you’d like something small and simple, the folded seed paper gift card holders are also a great option.

Happy Birthday seed paper card holders

Simple and personal is a great combo. Pairing your gift cards with seed paper gift card holders will make the gifting experience special! If you’re wondering when to give corporate gifts and why they’re impactful, check out our post Why Corporate Gifting Year-Round is Good for Business.

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