Seed paper customer loyalty stamp cards, business cards, and thank-you cards made by Botanical PaperWorks for client Planet Pantry

{case study} How Planet Pantry Uses Seed Paper to Promote Zero-Waste Living

Planet Pantry is a package-free, low-waste store on a mission to reduce waste consumption and production. In addition to carrying low or zero-waste products, the store allows customers to bring in containers they already have to fill up on bulk products.

Planet Pantry is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and carries plenty of everyday essentials including household detergents, bath and body products, hair care, skin care, oral care, essential oils, and more. All of their products are natural and biodegradable and have a low-carbon footprint.

Planet Pantry co-founders, Sam and Tyrell
Image from @planetpantrywpg

Vision & Concept

After seeing other brands using seed paper, the team at Planet Pantry had the idea of creating their own plantable promotions. Keeping their eyes on a local seed paper maker, they were thrilled to discover Botanical PaperWorks, another Winnipeg-based business just around the corner from their store.

Objectives & Strategy

The brand recognized that there’s still a place for physical, multi-sensory business promotions, even in this digital world. Wanting to grow its brand in a sustainable way, Planet Pantry decided on seed paper customer loyalty stamp cards, thank-you cards, and business cards. They liked the idea that the cards would inspire customers to garden and avoid sending the paper to landfills after use. As a bonus, the wildflowers their customers could grow from the cards would help support biodiversity.

Values & Sustainability

Some folks don’t know where to start with sustainability or need support to get started. Planet Pantry offers a space to become more aware of sustainable living options. The company believes they are opening eyes and making the path to living a more sustainable lifestyle easier to tread.

“Our planet is in crisis. There are many things we can do and have control over individually while we fight for climate justice.”


Going forward, Planet Pantry hopes to empower customers to do what they can to make lasting change for the environment.

“There are going to be swaps that work for you, and some that don’t. Every little bit helps. You don’t have to live perfectly waste-free, but the changes you can make make a big difference!”


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