A mix of seed paper promotions with Earth Day designs

Earth Day Promotions Idea Book

This Earth Day Promotions Idea Book is the perfect place to get started with your spring campaign plans. It’s filled with both customizable and pre-designed seed paper and handmade soap ideas that are good for the planet.

Send a powerful message that shows you care about the environment this Earth Day with promotions that will have a positive impact

This Earth Day Promotions Idea Book makes choosing your green promotions for the occasion a breeze. Since there is a wide range of pre-designed add-your-logo products, you can save yourself designer fees and speed up the ordering process. You’ll get a great-looking eco-friendly piece that not only sends a green message but also gives back to the Earth.

What makes seed paper perfect for Earth Day?

  • It grows plants that help create habitats for important species
  • It doesn’t create waste
  • It’s made from recycled paper waste to save trees
  • It gets people outside and encourages positive action
  • It’s budget-friendly and creative

Why celebrate Earth Day?

  • To spread awareness of environmental concerns such as pollution, loss of biodiversity, and rising sea temperatures
  • To encourage action to protect our planet and its resources
  • To foster a sense of environmental responsibility and community
  • To show your sustainability values
  • To honor our planet and how spectacular it is

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.


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