Plantable Place Cards Bring a Unique Touch to Our Eco-Friendly Wedding

Plantable Place Cards Bring a Unique Touch to Our Eco-Friendly Wedding

For the first time ever, we have a guest blogger! We’d like to introduce you to Nicole, a beautiful bride that pulled out all the stops to have a stylish and eco-friendly wedding – and now she wants to share her tips with you. Read ahead to see why plantable place cards were a must for her eco-friendly wedding, and how some easy DIY projects helped to make the day so much more green.

When my husband and I began planning our June 23 wedding a little over a year ago, it was important to us to do what we could to minimize the environmental impact of our special day. That meant cutting out traditional paper use as much as possible. We used non-traditional online RSVPs, handmade our decorations out of recycled tissue paper, and eliminated ceremony programs in favor of well-positioned chalkboards.

When it came to selecting place cards, we wanted something that wouldn’t end up in a trash can at the end of the evening, could potentially double as a wedding favor, complemented the elegant, polished style we were going for, and wouldn’t break our budget.

So I enlisted the help of my team of creative, resourceful, beautiful, and highly talented bridesmaids (can you tell I owe them big time?) to help me scour the internet for something that might meet ALL of the above criteria. And then, one of my bridesmaids hit the jackpot. She referred me to plantable paper, with the link to the Botanical Paperworks website.

Botanical PaperWorks Plantable Chevron Place Cards
What I loved most about these plantable place cards was that they came preprinted, which allowed me to focus on all of the other details that tend to come up when you’re just a few months out from the big day. The gorgeous designs were perfect. I chose the purple and dove grey chevron plantable place cards, which complemented our wedding colors AND had the modern, stylish look we were going for.

I received my order within a week – all I needed to do was fill out the names and table numbers, and I was good to go! Even with my less-than-stellar “calligraphy” skills, the final result looked awesome.

What was also helpful is that there is a brief statement on the back of the place cards that let our guests know they could drop the seed paper cards into their gardens and grow some beautiful flowers. Friends and family members were coming up to my husband and me all through the night, letting us know they thought that it was a very cool detail. At the end of the evening, there was not a single card left on our guests’ tables.

We planted ours last week – can’t wait to have a living symbol of the best day of my life.


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