Plantable Reindeer Holiday Card Featured in Do It Yourself Magazine

If there’s something we love almost as much as plantable paper, it’s DIY projects (heck we even have a new DIY blog category!). So when we saw our very own Plantable Reindeer Holiday Card in Do It Yourself Magazine this month, we just about flipped.

Botanical PaperWorks in Do It Yourself Magazine

Plantable Card in Do It Yourself Magazine

This magazine is great, and full of tons of inspiring holiday projects. So great in fact, that we had to quickly scan it before it was snagged off our desk by another staff member.

We found our card in the article 12 Ways to Mail Merriment – a page dedicated to the most Giftable Cards. We’re so happy that the editors of Do It Yourself Magazine agree that seed paper cards make for the perfect greeting and a gift in one!

Learn more about this special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds so that it will grow when planted!


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