Plantable Seed Paper At Work

When working for a company like Botanical PaperWorks, that makes such a unique product like plantable seed paper, getting a few questions about our product is to be expected. And do we ever. Questions we hear most often are, "How does it grow?," "What kind of seeds are in the paper?," and, "Does it ACTUALLY grow?!" Just to name a few.

We love getting those questions!

Not only does it express how interested people are in our product, but it lets us show how passionate and proud we are about what we do. We make great paper.

Handmade with care, each piece is embedded with high-quality seeds. And not just wildflowers anymore, either! We have herb and veggie paper options as well. Carrot seeds have become increasingly popular, and I can't forget about the forget-me-not flowers, which are key to our new memorial funeral cards.

Yep, we're pretty proud of what we do here. And it's all very eco-friendly, too.

Because of all your comments, questions and feedback, we thought it would be fun to plant a small piece of our paper right here in our office and show you the progress!

Our paper was planted on February 23, 2011. It's now just over a month later, and look how much we have growing!

seed paper

plantable paper

plantable paper

For all the green thumbs out there, our office is south-facing. We've been very diligent about watering our paper, as any new plant would need the same care. Because we planted during winter months, we did make the mistake once of keeping it too close to the drafty window while we were gone for the weekend. We lost a couple sprouts that time, whoops! But we were way more careful after that. What you see here has been extremely easy to grow, and not a drop of fertilizer has gone into the soil.

Keep checking back to see how our flowers grow! And if you'd like to see our ongoing collection of photos, feel free to check out our Facebook fan page too.

These pictures were taken on March 30, 2011.  This is the first blog post in a series: March 31 – first sprouts appear and April 8 – fast growing plants.


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