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Pre-designed Artwork For Earth Day Seed Paper Promotions

Earth Day is an important event for the environment and the perfect time to show your company’s eco-commitment. Green giveaways say a lot about your business or organization so choosing the right products to send that message is essential. To be effective they should be professional, creative and eye-catching. Think about it this way – if you’re spending the time and money on promotional products, they should represent your brand and generate interest. According to Business 2 Community, the design can help with brand recognition and even determine how consumers see your business.

Save time, money & hassle with ready-to-order artwork for Earth Day Seed Paper Promotions

As Earth Day experts, Botanical PaperWorks offers a variety of ready-to-order Earth Day Promotional Products that were designed for the event. Each eco-friendly piece is made with seed paper that can be planted to grow wildflowers, herbs or veggies. With a wide range of products styles to choose from, there are options for a variety of budgets and marketing plans. Simply choose a product, let us know which design you’d like and send us your logo, URL and custom message and we’ll take care of the rest.

But be sure to order soon – Earth Day is just a few weeks away!

Plantable Heart Globe Medium Eco Panel Card

Add-your-logo to this pre-design panel cards featuring a printed seed paper heart globe!
Show your love for the planet this Earth Day in a fun and creative way with these eco panel cards that feature your logo and custom messaging next to a seeded heart globe that they can plant to grow wildflowers.

Plant & Grow Large Plantable Bookmarks

Plantable bookmarks are the perfect giveaway to share leading up to or on Earth Day. Not only are do they feature your logo so you the recipients will see it several times as they use them, but they also encourage planting and growing wildflowers to have a positive impact on the planet.

Plantable Footprint Eco Tips Flat Card

Send a message about reducing your carbon footprint and give them tips to get started with these eco panel cards that have a plantable footprint attached. The eco-friendly cards are printed on paper made from 100% post-consumer materials and the seed paper can actually be planted to grow wildflowers and leave no waste.

Earth Day Planting Sticks

This eye-catching and fun Earth Day promotion shares a seed-infused Earth to plant on April 22nd as well as a planting stick branded with your logo to mark the spot! Every time the recipients check on the plants and water them, they’ll see your logo for optimal recognition.

Earth Day Seed Bombs

Made to symbolize globes just for Earth Day, these fun seed bombs are made with a mix of blue and green and are packed with wildflower seeds to help you promote giving back to Earth. Wildflowers are beneficial to a variety of species so these seed bombs will make a big impact in more ways that one.

Earth Day Grow Kits

The ultimate corporate gift to celebrate Earth Day, these Seed Paper Grow Kits come in two pre-designed options that are easy to order for Earth Day. Or, if you have a design and want something totally unique to your business, you can make a fully custom design to represent your brand.

Earth Day Promotional Flags

Celebrate our Earth with these plantable promotional flags that reduce waste and share an eco-friendly message that grows when planted in soil. All you have to do is add-your-logo to add to the back of these ready-to-order seed paper flags and we’ll set it up. The seed paper itself is attached to a wooden stick so the whole thing is biodegradable and environmentally friendly for the occasion.

Earth Day Seed Packet Promotions

These promotional seed packets spread tons of wildflowers to give back to the planet and feature your logo so that you can send a symbolic and meaningful message for Earth Day. The packaging itself is made of biodegradable corn plastic to be truly eco-friendly for a day that is all about sustainability.

Pre-Designed Collections:

Created by a professional graphic designer, the following designs are available in collections so you can create a full campaign that uses multiple pieces or simply choose the product that makes the most sense for your business or organization.

Love The Earth Earth Day Products

There are so many reasons to love the earth and this collection of pre-designed products celebrates that in a bright and cheerful way. Whether you choose a 100% seed paper greeting card or you’d prefer the flat card or bookmark with the seed paper shape attached, recipients will be inspired by your dedication to being eco-friendly.

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Classic Earth Day Products

Whether it’s a boutique, a financial institution or even a non-profit organization, these classic Earth Day products are suitable for a variety of businesses and will share a green message in a way that’s truly memorable and eye-catching.

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Growing Green Earth Day Products

It’s more important than ever for companies to demonstrate their corporate sustainability. Perfect for businesses that want to share their eco-values, these Growing Green Earth Day products were designed to showcase the natural and eco-friendly essence of Earth Day.

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Other Creative Designs Available For Seed Paper Promotions:

The following artwork isn’t from our pre-designed collections but can be used in your promotions by special request. If you see a design that you’d like to represent your brand, let our Corporate Accounts Manager know when placing your order. Simply attach the images from this post with your special instructions so we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Seed Paper Panel Cards

Seed Paper Panel Cards are perfect for sending information about upcoming events, meetings and trade shows. Simply add your own logos and messages to this earthy 4×6 medium panel card design to make it your own.

Seed Paper Bee Shape

New for 2016, this Seed Paper Bee Shape will grow wildflowers to benefit the natural eco-system for birds, butterflies, and bees within your region. Simply add-your-logo or URL to the back of this eye-catching SAVE THE BEES design to share a special message that shows you care about our declining bee populations.

Seed Paper Wristbands

A creative and eco-friendly alternative to plastic, Seed Paper Wristbands are perfect for awareness campaigns and events. If using for an Earth Day event, this FREE earth-style artwork will make them match the occasion in an eye-catching way.

Seed Paper Printed Shapes

Seed Paper Printed Shapes are clever, versatile and eco-friendly. Whether you include one inside a greeting card, use it as a business card or even include them on your April invoice, these designs will make them look extra special for Earth Day.

Seed Paper Matchbooks

Whether you choose wildflower, herb or veggie seeds, Seed Paper Matchbooks will deliver your message and let recipients grow good things at the same time. If you’re looking for some creative artwork to feature on your product, you can customize any of the designs shown above with your logo and URL to make it your own.

Seed Paper Coasters

Perfectly fitting for the green and natural essence of Earth Day, this simple tree design can be added to a variety of products such as Seed Paper Coasters. Perfect for a variety of events like meetings, conferences, and even trade shows, recipients will love using them to grow their own gardens while leaving no waste behind.

Nature Mix Seed Paper Shape Pack

With a variety of seed paper shapes inside including a leaf, a flower, a tree and an Earth, this Nature Shape Pack is a great giveaway for Earth Day. Customized this artwork with your logo or provide your own custom art.

Seed Paper Bookmarks

Earth Day Seed Paper Promotions Slot Bookmarks
Seed Paper Bookmarks are one of the best ways to create long-lasting brand recognition because the recipient can plant the seed paper shape and keep the bookmark! This variety of slot bookmarks designed for Earth Day can easily be customized with your brand logo and message.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.
Whether you choose one of the ready-to-order designs shown in this post or choose to create your own custom artwork, our team will be happy to help. Get started today and learn more about how you can incorporate seed paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and download our Seed Paper Promotions Catalogs.


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