Fall Gardening Tips

Preparing your Garden for Fall

By following these simple and helpful Fall gardening tips, you can save yourself both some time and money when Spring rolls around.

Fall Maintenance

Getting your garden ready for Fall is easy with these simple tips from Botanical PaperWorks.

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1) Raking:

If you want a lush green lawn come Spring, make sure you stay on top of raking your leaves each week. Grass needs sunlight in the Fall for strong growth come Fall. * It’s also great exercise!

2) Watering:

If you are having a particularly dry Fall, make sure you keep watering your plants. Especially perennials and woody-type plants and trees – they need moisture to survive the Winter.

3) The Magic of Leaves:

Leaves are easy to come by this time of year and work magic on your trees and shrubs over the Winter. Spread them under shrubs or on exposed soil. The leaves will degrade over the Winter and turn into mineral rich nutrients that worms will then turn into fertilizer.

4) Compost:

If you don’t already have one, build a compost pile this Fall. With things like leaves, pumpkins, bales of straw and all the debris you’ll rake up from around your yard, you’ll have all the right ingredients to start a successful compost pile. Creating a compost pile doesn’t have to be complicated, you can even use “chicken wire” staked in place. As long as you allow for air circulation from the sides and allow enough depth that the pile will naturally compress due to the laws of gravity.

5) Cleaning and Tune-ups:

Lawn and garden tools can be expensive. Make sure yours are ready for next season, and give them a quick clean and tune up before you put them away for the season. They will last you years longer if you take care of them.

Fall Planting

Getting your garden ready for Fall is easy with these simple tips from Botanical PaperWorks.

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1) Planting Bulbs:

About six weeks before the first frost comes, plant bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and crocuses. Plant them in well drained soil to prevent them from rotting. Also, when picking out your bulbs, look for firm and plump bulbs that are free of mold. Keep in mind as well that the bigger bulbs will produce larger flowers.

2) Outsmart those Pesky Critters:

Squirrels may look friendly and cute but when it comes to your freshly planted bulbs, they are predators. To prevent the local gang of squirrels in your area from making off with your newly planted bulbs, outwit them. If they see the disturbed soil they will certainly investigate. Plant your bulbs in large groups and flood the surface soil with water to cover up your marks. Then cover them with a few inches of leaves (also good for the soil) to cover the disturbed soil and the squirrels will be none the wiser.

Fall is the Time to Capitalize on End of Season Pricing

Getting your garden ready for Fall is easy with these simple tips from Botanical PaperWorks.

image: riding mower for sale

1) Nursery Deals:

Most nurseries dramatically discount their container plants and other nursery stock to either make room for pumpkins and Christmas trees or to get rid of stock before closing the nursery for the season. It’s a great time to capitalize on these deals and don’t be afraid to ask for further discounts, the worst they can tell you is no.

2) Deals on Garden Tools and Equipment:

It’s the same idea for garden tools and equipment. Stores need to make room for new products for the Winter season. Now is definitely the time to shop around for bargains on these items that may cost you double if you leave it until next Spring.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful and you’ll all have perfect gardens come Spring and Summer. If you’re looking for more great gardening tips you might find these helpful as well: Summer Gardening Tips and Easy Tips for Spring Gardening.

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