Seed Paper Money plantable business promotional products

{product spotlight} Seed Paper Money

Plant the seed for a unique and creative marketing campaign with seed paper coins & bills that grow when planted.

Whether you’re giving a client your two cents or showing a prospect of how you can make their investment grow, the creative possibilities are endless with this new pretend currency that grows!

Perfect in a thank you card, as a conference giveaway or as the buy-in at a company casino party, your recipients will love planting the seed paper coins and bills to grow beautiful wildflowers. Available as coins or bills, this money is made from recycled material and is bio-degradable, so all you need to do is plant the money under soil, water it and watch wildflowers grow.

Seed Paper Bills

The seed paper bills are printed double-sided, available in increments of 5, 20 and 100 and include your custom logo and URL on the front of the bill. When you order more than 50, your bills will be bundled and wrapped with a white bellyband to look like a real stack of cash! Example: if you order 200 bills, they’ll arrive as four wrapped bundles.

Plant these seed paper bills in soil to watch wildflowers bloom.

$5, $20 and $100 seed paper bills that grow when planted!
Seed Paper 5 Bill  | Seed Paper $20 Bill | Seed Paper $100 Bill

Seed Paper Coins

If you love the money theme but are looking for something with more room for a marketing message and branding, these seed paper coin packs may be the perfect fit. These little plantable gems come with a customizable insert and are wrapped in a biodegradable corn plastic bag. Coin designs are available in a Canadian, American as well as a neutral wildflower theme featuring the text In Planting We Trust so you can be sure to build the perfect on-brand promotion.

Each coin is embedded with wildflower seeds that grow when planted.

Fill your pockets with these little gems and then plant them in soil to watch them grow.

These plantable coin packs are available with 3 coin style options. Canadian, American and the In Planting We Trust flower theme. Canadian Seed Paper Coin Pack | Contain 2 loonies, 4 quarters and 4 pennies
In Planting We Trust Seed Paper Coin Pack | Contain 2 dollars, 4 quarters and 4 pennies
American Seed Paper Coin Pack | Contain 2 quarters, 4 nickels and 4 pennies

seed paper business promotional products

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