Plantable Seed Paper Herb Garden Eco Calendar

Promotional Desk Calendars That Will Give & Grow A Herb Garden

The new year is quickly approaching and this year, we’ll be entering a new decade! Every new year is an exciting time, but there’s something about entering 2020 that feels more significant. If your business wants to mark this special year with something different than the usual desk calendar gift, you’ll love the newest addition to Botanical PaperWorks’ eco-friendly promotional desk calendars.

The Plantable Herb Garden Eco Calendar features your logo and URL, and will give a whole garden of herbs to plant throughout the year!

Unlike most promotional desk calendars printed on glossy (chemical-coated) paper that ends up discarded at the end of the year, these eco-friendly corporate calendar gifts are printed on zero-waste seed paper—a biodegradable paper made from recycled paper embedded with seeds. When you plant the seed paper pages in soil, they’ll compost away, leaving only the seeds behind to grow a blend of fresh and fragrant herbs to cook with and enjoy.

This eco-friendly promotional desk calendar features:

  • your company logo and URL prominently displayed on each page
  • 12 months printed double-sided on 6 sheets of tri-herb seed paper (basil, parsley & oregano)
  • 100% recycled paper cover and backer
  • a convenient tent frame that makes this eco-calendar easy to display
  • a classic and clean look that will fit perfectly into any home or office
  • low minimums of just 25 units!

In this digital world, some might think a physical calendar isn’t needed, but printed calendars are about more than just function: they’re the perfect pieces to add some decoration to your home or office. These corporate desk calendars were designed with that in mind. The simple and classic plant-inspired look will look great in any home or office.

Want to create your own eco-friendly promotional desk calendar gift?

Botanical PaperWorks also offers full-custom plantable eco calendars options so you can design your own full-color calendar to be printed on herb or wildflower seed paper.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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