Seed Paper Promotional Products For The Financial Industry

Promotional Products For The Financial Industry

These money-themed plantable promotional products are the perfect fit for financial institutions that want to Plant The Seed with potential clients to Grow their Savings. From panel cards with seed paper dollar signs to seed paper coins and bills, there are tons of options to send a message that is clever, creative and full of possibility.

Fun, effective and eco-friendly, these promotional products for the financial industry are a great way to stand out while showing your commitment to the environment.

Clients and prospects can plant the seed paper in a pot or garden to grow a garden of wildflowers as a symbol of growth and prosperity. A lasting branding investment that is interactive and eco-friendly. As the paper composts away, the seeds will grow and leave no waste behind. Here are four great seed paper ideas for banks, investment firms and other financial institutions:

Printed Seed Paper Dollar Sign

Add your logo and a short message to this creative pocket sized promotion that gives the gift of flowers.

Printed seed paper dollar signs are eye-catching and packed with symbolism. We’ve included the text “Plant The Seed – Grow Your Future” in the example above, but you can customize the design with your logo, tagline or a special thank you message.

Seed Paper Coins And Bills

Grow your client base with Seed Paper Coins and Bills that grow flowers. A perfect promotion for banks or investment firms.

Perfect for conferences, thank you gifts or at company casino parties, recipients will love planting seed paper coins and bills to grow wildflowers. Both the coins and bills are available in Canadian and American designs, as well as a neutral wildflower theme featuring the text In Planting We Trust.

Panel Cards With Seed Paper Dollar Sign

Panel cards with a seed paper shape come in a variety of shapes, sizes and color options.

Popular as handouts, event invites or direct mail pieces, seed paper panel cards are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats. Your clients can keep the panel card and plant the seed paper dollar sign to grow a blooming garden of wildflowers.

Greeting Cards With Seed Paper Dollar Sign

Send a message that features a plantable seed paper dollar sign to symbolize growth and prosperity.

Give a card that features a plantable seed paper dollar sign to send a message that grows. Printed on 100lb recycled card stock, these greeting cards are available in a wide variety of sizes and shape/color options. You can easily customize this piece with your full color artwork and match the seed paper color to your branding for a memorable promotion thats is fun and unique.

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