Remembering a favorite order for Starbucks

plantable seed paper, Starbucks

I was going through an archive of Botanical PaperWorks photos and enjoyed a trip down memory lane. I found photos of old products, former staff members, past potlucks and picnics, and interesting products prepared for special clients.

One of my all-time favorite jobs was this one for Starbucks. We supplied a very large quantity of magenta-colored paper embedded with wildflower seeds. The seed paper was trimmed and slipped into several million giftcard holders for the North American market. During those months, it was fun to go into a local Starbucks and know that the talented papermakers of Botanical PaperWorks had made each and every piece of plantable seed paper.

We've had the chance to work with many wonderful companies and individuals over the years. You can read some of their comments here in our Customer Praise section.


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