A Guide to Seasonal Wedding Flowers

There’s a reason why weddings often feature bursts of flowers. More than just a decoration, flowers also come with symbolic meanings and rich tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. As well, flowers simply make us happy!

What many wedding couples don’t know is that non-seasonal wedding flowers are more costly on the environment and their budgets than they realize. Wondering why? Keep reading!

bridal bouquet with roses, dahlias, peonies, and greenery

The benefits of in-season wedding flowers

1. They’re eco-friendly

During certain times of the year, some flowers aren’t as easy for florists to find. These blooms tend to be farmed and shipped in from overseas. The carbon footprint created from packaging, flying, and refrigerating the flowers adds up fast with the travel distance averaging out at around 6,000 miles. In comparison, seasonal wedding flowers are often easier to find locally.

2. They’re budget-friendly

Shipping in flowers from overseas comes with a bigger price tag. On average, wedding flowers cost about 10% of the average couple’s total wedding budget. Consider all the blooms decorating many weddings: bouquets, table displays, boutonnieres, aisle decor, and arbors. The bridal bouquet alone costs around $160 – $250, if you’re thinking of a traditional arrangement.

Start planning your seasonal wedding flowers with this guide

Have an all-time-favorite flower that’s not in-season for your wedding? No problem! Mix it in with the other florals that are. While this list below only mentions some of the many blooms available, it’s a great place to get started!

seasonal wedding flowers infographic

Spring Flowers

  1. Peony – These are popular favorites. With a short blooming season in May to June, they are best for a late spring wedding. Their delicate, elegant petals come in pink, yellow, red, orange and white shades.
  2. Tulip – Simple and cheerful, these flowers are often associated with springtime and Easter, and they’re perfect for an April wedding day.
  3. Orchid – If you want to make a statement with your arrangements, orchids are the way to go. Pair with other tropical flowers to make them extra dramatic.
  4. Snapdragon – The unique shape of snapdragons gives wedding arrangements an artistic look and feel.
  5. Lilac – These flowers are striking, featuring clusters of light purple flowers that smell undeniably sweet.

Summer Flowers

  1. Hydrangea – Featuring clusters of small flowers in round blooms, hydrangeas fill out centerpieces beautifully.
  2. Lily – An eye-catching flower, lillies are one of the most picked flower for weddings.
  3. Gerbera – Cheerful and bright, these daisy-like flowers go well with a warm summer wedding.
  4. Rose – Representing romance and love, roses are a classic choice for summer weddings.
  5. Black-Eyed Susan – Vibrant and whimsical, these wildflowers bring a woodland-feel to the wedding day. If you go with these, pair them with plantable seed paper wedding invitations that grow them along with 5 other wildflowers!

Fall Flowers

  1. Marigold – With their stunning orange shade, marigolds are a bold choice that guests will remember.
  2. Aster – Vibrant and delightful, asters bring playfulness to any floral arrangement.
  3. Sunflower – Reflecting rays of sunshine, these flowers bring country-side charm to bouquets and decor.
  4. Chrysanthemum – Sprigs of chrysanthemums bring joy to bouquets, with blooms that cluster together like pompoms.
  5. Dahlia – Another wedding favorite, dahlias come with pointed petals in lush layers.

Winter Flowers

  1. Lavender – With an unmistakable sweet scent, lavender turns any bouquet into a relaxing arrangement. They go perfectly with simple greenery and other purple-hued blooms. You can also tie them in with lavender handmade soap wedding favors.
  2. Ranunculus – Layers of petals decorate this luxurious flower, making it a much-loved pick for wedding arrangements.
  3. Carnation – One of the most well-known blooms, carnations add texture to wedding floral arrangements with their fringed petals.
  4. Holly – Dotted with striking red berries, holly is a romantic addition to winter wedding bouquets. Between white roses, this choice is elegant.
  5. Poinsettia – These signature holiday flowers are winter wonderland-ready when mixed with pinecones, branches, or winterberries. Red is the most common color to find, but there are also pink, purple, and white varieties depending on where you look!

Beyond this list, there are many other seasonal flowers to choose from! Do some exploring, talk to your florist and ask for their recommendations. You may stumble across some surprising blooms that you’ll fall in love with.

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