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Seed Packet Promotions!

Great for eco-friendly branding, everyone will be delighted to receive these Seed Packet Promotions! Each pack contains your choice of wildflower or, basil seeds in a biodegradable corn plastic bag with a customizable insert made from recycled paper.

Take a look and start planning your seed packet promotions today!

Wildflower Seed Packet Promotions

Your clients and colleagues will love receiving these NEW eco-friendly Wildflower Seed Packet Promotions.

These Wildflower Seed Packet Promotions are a fun and tree-friendly way to promote your company and brand. Colorful and unique, each corn plastic packet contains seeds that your clients will be able to plant in a pot or garden to grow a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. You also have the opportunity to include your branding on the customizable insert made from recycled paper!

Basil Seed Packet Promotions

Treat your clients to these NEW Herb Seed Packet Promotions!

Treat your clients and colleagues to a fun and unique promotional product that gifts them with a bundle of fragrant herbs. Created with eco-friendly corn plastic, the clear bag shows off the NON-GMO basil seeds and include a custom insert made from recycled paper. The Basil Seed Packet Promotions are not only great for your company branding, but it’s a perfect way to send an eco-friendly message for Earth Day.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

Created with biodegradable materials, seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Learn more about how you can incorporate this special, eco-friendly paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and download our Seed Paper Promotions Catalogs.


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