{crafts} How to Make Seed Paper Holiday Trees

Looking for a whimsical addition to your holiday decor? These DIY seed paper holiday trees are fun, easy to make, and can grow into wildflowers when planted.

Add them to your holiday dinner table for whimsical centerpieces, set them on your bookshelves, or your mantelpiece.

Seed paper is thick and sturdy, making it perfect for decorative paper trees that stand on their own. The variation in sizes and colors will make your backdrop more interesting, so try mixing it up!

We got the inspiration for this post from Curbly, but created ours with eco-friendly paper for a plantable and zero-waste version. When planted, seed paper grows into wildflowers that may bring bees and butterflies into your backyard. That means less decor thrown out and more to look at in your garden later.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • A few sheets of 8 x 11” seed paper (1 sheet makes 1 large tree or 2 small trees)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Note: We used lime green, cream, pastel pink, and white seed paper. Use our free printable holiday tree templates for tracing.

1. Trace out the tree shapes on the seed paper

2. Cut out the tree.

seed paper holiday trees crafting

3. Cut down the centre of the 1rst tree halfway from the bottom.

4. Cut down the centre of the 2nd tree, top to middle.

seed paper holiday trees crafting

6. Slide the trees together using the centerline slits.

seed paper holiday trees crafting

7. Repeat the steps with the smaller tree templates as stencils.

8. Prop up the trees and decorate!

DIY seed paper holiday trees craft

Now you’re ready to decorate your home with seed paper trees and create a winter wonderland!

If you want to try different colors to match your style, take a look at the many seed paper color options we have here. Get creative with the shades and make it your own.

Learn more about this special paper made by Botanical PaperWorks that uses post-consumer materials and is embedded with seeds so that it will grow when planted!

You can buy seed paper sheets for eco-friendly papercraft projects from Botanical PaperWorks. We have a variety of seed options, including wildflower, herb and veggie, and over 25 seed paper colors. Join our mailing list to receive emails with freebies, projects, coupons, green living tips, and decor ideas and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest


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