Seed Paper Music Festival Cards

Seed Paper Promotions For Eco-friendly Summer Events That Won’t Leave Waste Behind

Summer festivals are perfect for discovering new music, meeting people and reconnecting with nature. They can also, however, leave behind an excess of trash that is bad for the environment.

Make a change and go green by choosing eco-friendly seed paper promotions for summer festivals that leave no waste behind.

Seed paper is made from post-consumer material and is biodegradable which means if any of these products are left behind they will simply compost away and leave only wildflowers. This makes them perfect to pass out at all kinds of outdoor events. There are many ways to incorporate eco-friendly seed paper into your next event. Here are a few fully plantable client favorites that leave absolutely no waste behind.


Leave no waste at your next event and choose these colorful seed paper wristbands that grow wildflowers.
(Double Sided Seed Paper Wristbands Long
shown on lime green seed paper)

These eco-friendly wristbands are designed to fit any wrist size and feature an adhesive peel-and-stick closure. Instead of throwing them out, festival goers can hold onto the wristbands and plant them to grow a bouquet of wildflowers.

Event Tickets

Seed paper business cards are the perfect size for event tickets. They fit perfectly in wallets and give flowers to every guest!
(Single-Sided Plantable Business Cards shown on white and cream seed paper)

Use these seed paper business cards as unique admission or drink tickets that guests can keep and plant. Best of all, since they’re made from 100% post-consumer materials and are biodegradable they won’t leave any waste behind!


Seed paper coasters spread your branding and give flowers as a unique and memorable giveaway.
(Single-Sided Large Seed Paper Square Coasters)

From beer tents to hot dog stands, seed paper coasters add the perfect touch to food and drink venues. The recycled paper composts away leaving only flowers and, as event attendees examine the embedded seeds, your branding is sure to get noticed and remembered.

Printed Seed Paper Shapes

Spread these printed shapes around at your next outdoor event for a lasting branding message that grows.
(Large Die-Cut – Printed Single Sided LEFT: Rounded flower shown on lime green, RIGHT: Modern flower shown on blue seed paper)

100% eco-friendly Printed Die-Cut Shapes are available in a wide variety of shapes including these flower designs. They’re perfect as handouts or as branding pieces for event sponsors. And, with over 25 seed paper colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right look and feel.

Seed Paper Invites & Event Handouts

Send your event details out on seed paper to send an eco-friendly message.
(Single-Sided Medium Seed Paper Panel Card)

Using Seed Paper Panel Cards for event invites and handouts is a surefire way to win over eco-friendly attendees right from the start. Simply choose your size, send us your full-color artwork and you’ll have your handouts in no time.

Wildflowers grown from Seed Paper by Botanical PaperWorks/Seed Paper Promotions

Minimizing your environmental impact and making green choices should be a priority for all events, especially summer festivals and outdoor celebrations. Your event attendees will appreciate it and, when you choose plantable seed paper, it will actually add to their experience. Interested in learning how you can incorporate seed paper into your next outdoor event? Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter or contact us and we’d love to help.

Learn more about how plantable paper works or download Seed Paper Promotions Catalogs for additional options.  


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