Show appreciation with eco-friendly corporate gifts that are good for them, and the planet.

Seed Paper Sprouter Kits: Biodegradable Planting Pots for Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

When it comes to giving corporate gifts to show appreciation to your valued donors, volunteers, customers, clients and/or employees, it can seem impossible to find the right idea that is both thoughtful and environmentally-friendly. If you want to show you care about them and the planet, these Seed Paper Sprouter Kits are the perfect green solution!

Both symbolic and unique, each kits shares everything you need to grow wildflowers inside a biodegradable rice pot. Made with unique seed paper packaging, the recipients will be able to plant the paper itself in the pot indoors, any time of year.

How do they work?

Inside each grow pot kit you’ll find a PREMIUM COCO COIR wafer that will expand to 7 times its size when you add water. They are PEAT FREE and have added nutrients as well as special water-saving polymers that reduce watering by half!

Once the Wonder Soil wafer is fully expanded, all they have to do is plant the seed paper under 1/8″ of the soil and keep it moist in a sunny spot. The seeds that are embedded in the paper will germinate and begin to sprout in just a few days. A few weeks or months later as the plants get bigger, they can move them outside by planting the whole pot in soil. It will all biodegrade, leaving no waste behind, just beneficial flowers for the birds and bees!

Here are the options:

Wildflower Seed Paper Sprouter Kit (Full Seed Paper Wrap)

plantable seed paper grow kits

To make sure they get as many seeds in the pot as it can fit, choose this full wrap around seed paper grow kit option that is packed with tons of seeds. The recipients can tear off as much seed paper as they like and then plant the rest of the paper in other pots or outdoors in a garden. You can also fully customize the design for optimal branding and creative marketing.

Flower Power Seed Paper Sprouter Kit (Flower Shape Attached)

seed paper sprouter kit promotional product

This plantable flower grow kit includes colorful seed paper flower shape printed with your logo on it for optimal branding. The rest of the paper wrap is made with recycled card stock to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. You even can pick whichever seed paper color suits your custom artwork and branding best with this fun option.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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