10 Ways to Use Seed Paper in Summer Marketing Campaigns

As the weather gets warmer, you know what that means: many of us will be itching to catch some sun and spend time in the great outdoors. For businesses, it’s a great time to engage customers with promotions that celebrate and capture the season. Seed paper is a top choice for summer marketing campaigns because it’s plantable — imagine sharing your marketing messages on a beautiful paper that the recipient can plant in soil afterwards to grow colorful wildflowers!

To get inspired, take a look at this roundup of summer marketing campaign ideas featuring seed paper

Check out these ideas for events, gifting, packaging, and more. The options are endless with this special eco-friendly paper that grows!

1. Use plantable wristbands and coasters at outdoor events

plantable seed paper wristbands and coasters from Botanical PaperWorks

Hosting an outdoor mixer, fundraiser, or other community event? Pair some plantable seed paper wristbands and coasters together for an interactive experience that also spreads the joy of growing wildflowers.

2. Send seasonal direct mail messages on a plantable postcard 

A girl putting a seed paper card in a mailbox

Go above and beyond by sending your message the old-fashioned way with a seed paper postcard. We spend so much time on screens and our email inboxes are always packed with email marketing messages. Getting something unique in the mail is exciting and impactful.

There are so many ways to tie in growing-themed messages, whether you’re a financial institution helping customers grow their savings or a small business team that’s growing. All in all, this is a perfect marketing campaign idea for summer!

3. Get your gift cards ready for summer gifting with a seed paper holder

corporate petal gift card holder on plantable seed paper

Why give one gift when you can give two in one? These gift card holders are embedded with seeds and are fully customizable. Whether you’re a retail business looking to use them for your store gift cards or a business sharing gift cards as corporate gifts, this eco-friendly packaging will elevate the experience for recipients.

4. Add a colorful seed paper shape to a summer-themed subscription box

plantable bee seed paper shape in a gift box

Surprise and delight subscription box customers with a colorful plantable shape that you can tie in to whatever summery theme you’re crafting. With dozens of shape types, sizes, and seed paper colors to choose from, there are so many ways to customize!

5. Make your business cards plantable for planting season

plantable seed paper business cards from Botanical PaperWorks

Are your business cards due for a refresh? Summer is a great time to try something fun and unique. Seed paper business cards are an excellent conversation starter in the summer season: you can encourage folks to save your contact info, and then plant the cards outside while it’s nice out.

6. Give a grow kit for your summer corporate gifting

plantable grow kit from Botanical PaperWorks

Bring your summer marketing campaign to the next level with all-in-one promotional grow kits for gardening that make planting easier than ever. The biodegradable pot and expandable coco coir soil wafer inside has that wow factor your customers will love.

7. Add a seed paper bottle tag for a powerful point-of-sale promotion

plantable seed paper wine bottle tag from Botanical PaperWorks

Sangria season is here! Level up your branding for the summery months with this buzz-worthy plantable bottle tag. If you want more room to tell the story behind your brand, go for the seed paper wine bottle tag with a fold.

8. Share seed bombs to encourage guerilla gardening

plantable seed bombs from Botanical PaperWorks

Hop on the guerilla gardening trend with these cheerful and summery seed bombs in muslin bags with your logo. You might even get mentioned in a few TikTok #guerillagardening clips — a sharable summer marketing campaign to remember!

9. Encourage kids to read in the summer with plantable bookmarks

color-me plantable seed paper bookmarks for back-to-school promotions

Give students and parents inspiration to keep learning through the summer with these seed paper bookmarks that also double as coloring pages. Alternatively, you can design your own unique plantable bookmark with a variety of fully customizable options.

10. Add to home-owner gardening sets with seed packets

Eco-friendly conference giveaways

They come tucked in neatly-packaged wrapping that includes an insert you can put your branding on. You’ll be top of mind when they start garden planning!


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