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Show Customers & Employees You’re Thinking Of Them With Direct Mail Seed Paper Postcards

Teams are working remotely from home. Employees are communicating through message apps, video calls, and phone calls. While these digital solutions are helpful, people are missing the daily physical connection. We could all use a reminder that the world has not forgotten about us and that someone is thinking of us.

Nonessential business shutdowns and social distancing may have disrupted our day-to-day lifestyles, but our need to feel connected to the world is stronger than ever.

As businesses, we need to find ways to show compassion and connect with people in a time when people are most hungry for it. Direct mail is a great opportunity to do that.

The Benefits of Direct Mailing Seed Paper Postcards

It’s physical, personal, and attention-grabbing – Digital communication is so quick and easy to do that it’s becoming the new norm. Direct mail postcards stand out from the noise, plus seed paper gets noticed since it looks and feels different. A Canada Post neuromarketing research report showed consumers are 20% more likely to engage with direct mail than digital media.

Personalized, plantable mail is mood-boosting –  Planting is a fun activity, perfect for this time of year. Plus, customers and employees will know you’re thinking of them because it takes more effort to send direct mail than to send an email.

There’s less competition than with other advertising – Direct mail doesn’t run the risk of getting lost in a long list of subject lines or the spam or junk folder. As well, customers don’t see as much direct mail marketing as other marketing, such as web ads, which are low cost.

It builds brand trust – Having your business name and address on a physical piece of mail shows your audience you’re legitimate.

There’s an opportunity to pair direct mail with other marketing mediums – For example, include giveaways with your mail or promo code to a coupon that’s on your website.

Sending to specific addresses and names mean specific targetting – You can reach your different audiences by area, age group, income, values, or whether they’re a property renter or owner.

Seed paper encourages positive word-of-mouth and brand likeability – People who have never heard of or seen seed paper before will be excited to plant your mailer. They may also share their plant growing process with friends and family, which is a bonus promotion for your brand.

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