Summertime Activities for Kids

Summertime Activities for Kids

Great ideas for fun with the kids this Summer from the Botanical PaperWorks team

Before we get used to the idea of Spring, Summer usually sneaks up on us pretty fast. The kids will be out of school soon which means they’ll be looking for activities to do. Keep them entertained with these five activities that are perfect for some Summertime fun, not to mention they’re 100% eco-friendly.

Here are five fun activities to keep the kids busy this Summer – starting from the top left corner and going clockwise:

  •  Here’s the New Planting For The Planet Seed Paper Matchbooks designed especially for kids. The Seed Paper Matchbooks encourage kids to “Be Earth’s Hero” and grow wildflowers. Order yours today and plan a day to plant them with the kids. You’ll both have fun and they’ll feel empowered knowing they can make a difference.
  • Up-Cycle Craft – Pop Can Card: Here’s a super cool activity. Up-cycle a regular pop can into a greeting card with a striking metal accent using simple household tools and a pop can from the recycling bin.
  • Make Your Own Plantable Paper Bouquets: Making flower bouquets is fun, but what if you made them out of seed paper? I know, way cooler, and the kids will think so too. Once they are done making their paper flowers they can plant them to grow real flowers!
  • Up-Cycle Craft – Rustic Garden Markers: We love this activity and it would be especially great if you and the kids are growing a garden this summer, it will help get them involved.
  • Free Printable Summer Bucket List: There’s always a million things you and the kids want to get done, do and try over the Summer. With this Summer Bucket List you can prioritize which ones are the most important to your family and start making some great lasting memories.

Crafts are a great way for the family to get together and make something beautiful, and these are especially good for teaching kids about being good eco-conscience citizens. For more great Crafts and DIY Projects and some awesome Freebies make sure you keep up with the blog.

Let us know which one is your favorite by commenting here on the bog or on our Facebook page and we’ll enter your name for a chance to win 2 of the new Planting For The Planet Seed Paper Matchbooks. We will draw and announce the winner tomorrow on Facebook. Good luck!


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