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Tap into The Guerilla Gardening TikTok Trend with Branded Seed Bombs

What’s the next trend for promotional products? This is the golden-egg question for distributors and business owners. Which is why we’re talking about a growing community on TikTok and beyond that your brand or client may want to connect with: guerilla gardeners.

These planting enthusiasts toss seed bombs (wads of paper or fertilizer with easy-to-grow seeds inside) into empty lots and unused green spaces to support pollinators. If you haven’t heard of guerilla gardening yet, learn about the history in our post The Spirit of Guerrilla Gardening & Seed Bombs.

Tie-in your brand with an engaging activity

Looking for the facts to back up why seed bombs might be the perfect promotional giveaway solution for your brand or client? These might surprise you:

  • #seedbombs and #guerillagardening have 19.1 million views combined on TikTok
  • Teens and tweens aren’t the only ones on TikTok — there are 386.6 million TikTok users aged 18 to 24.
  • Guerrilla gardeners get media attention. For example, Monica Grove in interview with CBC (watch the video here) or Jenn Hall (read her interview with CBC)

Guerilla gardening team from SFinBloom posing for a photo while seed bombing in a bumble bee costumer
Photo: Courtesy Shalaco Studios via

Show off your brand personality and values

When guerilla gardeners plant seed bombs, they may feel uplifted and inspired to make a positive difference. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“It feels empowering. We’re looking to make something that can be useful for the community.”

– Jenn Hall, CBC

“I thought to myself, the world’s on fire, how can I make a difference? Well, I can increase biodiversity locally to support pollinators — namely bees.”

– Shalaco,

Create opportunities for social media sharing

The possibilities for content are limitless. Take a peek at something we’ve done with Botanical PaperWorks for an example:

Get started with these branded seed bomb sets

Made with non-GMO, non-invasive wildflower seeds that support pollinators, these giveaways are a great place to start if you’re trying seed bombs for the first time! Just add your logo and custom messaging to the packaging, choose your colors, and you’re ready to go.

planting seed bombs from Botanical PaperWorks in soil

Seed Bombs Muslin Bag 3

Your custom artwork or logo comes screen printed on a sustainable muslin bag holding a bundle of 3 seed bombs. A card insert inside includes the planting instructions to give beginner gardeners confidence to start seed bombing. Recipients will feel inspired to grow with you! You can also choose from the wildflower (6 species), herb (basil, parsley & oregano), or veggie (tomato, lettuce and carrot) seed options.

Please note: We cannot ship veggie or herb seed bombs to the U.S. at this time.

seed bomb cellopacks from Botanical PaperWorks being planted

Seed Bombs Cellopack 3

Choose from pre-designed styles such as Mother’s Day and Golf Balls or add your custom artwork to the standard cellopack 3 set. Wrapped in compostable plastic and topped with a label for your messaging, this set of seed bombs is the perfect gift pack for summer events, or as a colorful goodie any time of the year.

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