Top 10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Details

Planning your dream wedding details and staying sustainable at the same time is totally attainable. As enthusiasts for going green at every celebration, we’ve seen just how elegant eco-friendly can be, with some careful selection. Nowadays the options for vintage, upcycled, reusable, and eco-friendly wedding details are almost endless. That’s because these details go beyond being trendy: they’re part of a larger movement to do good for the earth.

If you want to look back on your wedding day and feel good about the ways you reduced waste, lowered your carbon footprint, and helped mother nature, then this round-up is for you.

Here are our top 10 eco-friendly wedding details to get you started:

1. Seed Paper

seed paper wedding save the date and invitation from Botanical PaperWorks

Our first choice (of course) is plantable seed paper! This zero-waste wedding stationery is made from recycled paper waste and embedded with wildflowers that bumblebees love. As an added bonus, your guests will get a gardening gift they can plant indoors or outside in the summer; all they need is some soil, water, sunlight and TLC. Take a look at these collections of seed paper save the dates, invitations, thank-you cards and more that are available in a variety of pre-designed styles. (Or you can add your own custom artwork!)

2. Reusable Flowers & Potted Plants

potted plant and paper flower centerpieces on a wedding tablescape
Found on via Pinterest (left), via Pinterest (right).

Potted plants make for lasting centerpieces after your wedding day, and you can give them away to guests after as favors. Artificial blooms are also an option (though it’s better to purchase those secondhand or resell them afterward). If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could fashion some out of paper! We recommend plantable seed paper of course, though you can use whatever recycled paper you can get your hands on.

3. Solar Power Lighting

solar power lighting at a garden wedding
Found on via Pinterest (left), and via Pinterest (right).

Harness the power of the sun and save energy with solar lighting that’s perfect for a garden, backyard, or other outdoor wedding.

4. Plant or Seed Wedding Favors

wildflower planting kit and seed packets from Botanical PaperWorks

Keep the love growing with seeded favors that your guests will have fun planting after your eco-friendly wedding day. These wildflower planting kits come with a biodegradable pot, a long wrapper made out of plantable seed paper, and a premium coco coir soil wafer that expands when combined with water. It’s a gift that gives the essential tools they need to start some blooms. For a more compact favor option, try some seed packets with a recycled paper insert, wrapped in compostable corn plastic, or explore several other options in our wedding favor collection.

5. Vintage Attire

vintage bridal gowns
Found on (left) and (right).

Nowadays there are plenty of options for high quality previously-loved wedding attire, whether its the heirloom vintage shop in your city, or an online platform such as that allows brides to resell their gowns. The sizing measurements of waist, bust, and hips are included, along with other details. If you find you still need adjustments, visit a tailor to make it a perfect fit.

6. Natural Décor

a tablescape for a wedding with pinecones and branches and another with coral, sea glass, and conch shells
Found on via Pinterest (left), and on via (right).

Lean into the natural elements with pinecones and branches, perfect for a winter or rustic-themed wedding. Or get dreamy and nautical with an arrangement of coral, conch shells, sea glass, and other mermaid-inspired elements.

7. Upcycled Signs

upcycled mirrors and record player for wedding signage
Found on via Pinterest (left), and via Pinterest (right).

The possibilities for upcycled wedding signage are boundless. You can bring new life to vintage accent mirrors with some custom mirror decals or paint pens, or re-imagine items such as this record player turned guest book.

8. Group Transportation

a wedding party traveling in a bus
Found on via Pinterest.

Lower your wedding’s carbon footprint by bringing together carpooling groups, or booking a bus that doubles as a fun photoshoot opportunity.

9. Composting and Recycling Access

a recycling bin and compostable cutlery at a wedding
Found on via Pinterest (left), and via Pinterest (right).

Encourage guests to recycle and compost with separate bins and signage. Instead of plastic, choose biodegradable cutlery and plates when needed. Your guests will appreciate how easy you made it for them to reduce waste!

10. Seasonal Food and Drinks

Found on via Pinterest, and via Pinterest.

Food transportation is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions so local sourcing will help reduce the impact of your event. Ask your caterer to share ideas using what’s in season. For example, a steamy tomato soup with grilled cheese for a fall wedding or refreshing locally grown fruit on a hot summer’s day.


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