Up-Cycle Craft - Festive Holiday Wreath

Up-Cycle Craft – Festive Holiday Wreath

You’re going to love this week’s 12 Weeks of Christmas edition. It’s an Up-Cycle Craft where you’ll be shown step-by-step instructions that show you how to make a gorgeous holiday wreath with left over holiday decor and items found around the house! And as always, we will give you alternative ideas and solutions in case you have different left overs then we do!


  • Left over/extra holiday ornaments or decorations.
  • Greenery – twigs, berries and leaves.
  • Disposable round pizza tray (if you don’t have one around the house, you can pick a set up at the Dollar Store for $1).
  • Tools: scissors, marker, piece of string or ribbon and a glue gun.
  • Spray paint – we used gold but use the color that matches your decorations best.
  • Optional – gold sparkles

12 Weeks of Christmas is back with Week 9 and we have a fabulous Up-Cycle Holiday Wreath for you guys!


  • Gather all your necessary supplies.
  • Set up an area to use your spray paint and glitter. Make sure if you are spray painting indoors it is in a well ventilated area.
  • Start with any decor that you need to be spray-painted or glittered so it has ample time to dry before adhering it to your wreath.
  • Next you’ll want to prepare your wreath base. To do this, take your pizza tray and mark a dot in the very centre. Tie a string around your marker (adjust the length to achieve the desired diameter you would like). Take the end of the ribbon and hold it in the centre as you take the opposite end with the marker and create a circle around the inside of your pizza tray.
  • Cut out the centre circle with a pair of scissors – careful not to cut your finger on the sharp edges.
  • Once cut, carefully fold back the edge to create a smooth edge.
  • Now is a good time to attach your ribbon or hook to your wreath so you have something to hang it from.
  • Spray paint the base so it matches the color of your decor and ornaments. That way if any areas are left visible it won’t matter.
  • Before you start gluing your decor on the base, lay it all out roughly how you will want to add it to give yourself an idea on coverage and where you want things to go. Once they’re glued down it will be harder to change your mind 😉
  • Fill in the full area of the base and let it fully dry before picking it up.
  • After a few minutes, pick it up and give it a shake. Make sure no pieces are loose, and adjust as necessary.
  • Attach it to your door, centrepiece or mantle and voila – a beautiful holiday wreath made with items from around your house! Give yourself a pat on the back too.

We hope you enjoyed this Up-Cycle Holiday Wreath Craft and you get a chance to try it out. It will make a great addition to your holiday decor, or as a gift to a friend (they’ll totally be impressed by your Martha Stewart skills). There are tons of great Crafts and DIY Projects for you to try, so make sure you keep up with the 12 Weeks of Christmas for new and exciting projects every week!

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