Up-Cycle Craft - Pop Can Card

Up-Cycle Craft – Pop Can Card

When it comes to crafting, it’s easy to get swept away by the latest and loudest products available for purchase. But what if you could use basic household tools and a regular pop can to create a greeting card with a striking metal accent? Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make a Pop Can Card for Earth Day, birthday or any other day!

A fun DIY project - Up-Cycled Pop Can Card using a pop can from the recycling bin and household tools.


1. Take a clean empty pop can and cut off the top and bottom. Cut down the side to get a rectangular piece.

2. Bend the piece back and forth a few times to flatten out the aluminum. You can use ruler or other flat object to smooth it out.

3. On the printed side of the aluminum, draw a design or little doodle. I used a simple elegant leaf shape with a few lines for texture and interest.

4. Flip over the sheet and cut out the design using a utility knife or a pair of scissors. You may want to exchange the blade after cutting several pieces as the aluminum can dull the blade.

5. Glue your shape directly onto to a piece of coloured paper to create an accent behind the aluminum piece. I used a piece of emerald green seed paper for the accent.

Special Note – you can have fun and get super creative with this part. Use a patterned piece of paper or add some painted elements if you’d like. The aluminum can be colored and accented with a permanent pen like a Sharpie.

6. Fold your card to whatever size and shape you like and add elements to suit your charm design. I chose some twine-type string with cream seed paper to give the card a very earthy and rustic feeling.

*Be careful working with the aluminum as the edges can cut skin. This craft is best done by adults or by children with close adult supervision.

Have fun and get creative with this easy up-cycle DIY craft project from Botanical PaperWorks. For more projects, visit the Crafts and DIY Projects section of the blog.

A fun DIY project - Up-Cycled Pop Can Card using a pop can from the recycling bin and household tools.

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