Veggie Seed Bombs promotional products that grow into veggies when planted

Veggie Seed Bombs

Botanical PaperWorks is thrilled to announce the launch of a special new product – Veggie Seed Bombs! They’re the same idea as our classic seed bombs except instead of packing them with herb or wildflower seeds, we decided to take them one step further. Now, when you plant these NEW Veggie Seed Bombs in your garden or pot, you’ll grow a garden of tomatoes, carrots and lettuce!

Veggie Seed Bombs are a unique branding opportunity for your company that will get noticed.

NON-GMO seed bombs are some of the most interesting, eco-friendly and nutritious promotional products you can give your clients and customers. They’ll get to plant the seed bombs in soil and actually grow their own vegetables which makes them incredibly memorable with multiple points of impact. Instead of tossing tired promotions and creating waste, clients will be excited to find out that they can plant the product and actually eat what they grow.

Veggie Seed Bombs Cellopack

The Veggie Seed Bombs Cellopacks are the most unique and eco-friendly branding opportunity for your business.

Available in cellopacks of 3, these seed bombs will be sure to impress your clients when they find out they can grow an entire vegetable garden from one small promotional package. They’ll always remember your creativity and commitment to the Earth when they see their carrots (orange), lettuce (green) and tomatoes (red) growing in their very own vegetable garden.

Veggie Seed Bombs Muslin Bag

The Veggie Seed Bombs Muslin Bags will wow your clients and customers when they grow carrots, lettuce and tomatoes!

These unique sets have the same great Veggie Seed Bombs inside, but are packaged in a custom screen printed muslin bag with your artwork or logo. They are available in packs of 3 and each seed bomb included is packed with seeds to grow carrots (orange), lettuce (green) and tomatoes (red). Your clients and/or customers will love that they can grow their own healthy vegetables from your eco-friendly promotion!

Seen below is a tomato seed bomb in action.

Look how amazing these NON GMO tomato seeds grow with some soil and sun!

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