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Hi there, it’s Laura. As a recent bride (I was married this past January), I remember how important my planning checklists were for making sure that I got everything done in time for the big day. As these were merely checklists that I had made myself, I ended up doing some last minute scrambling. There’s a lot to remember, that’s why we should learn from the experts.

I was pleased when I read this series of wedding planning checklists from event planner Jess Ehlers. Jess is the founder and owner of With a Flourish, an event planning company that focuses on eco-friendly, sustainable events.

Here is Jess’s seven-part wedding planning checklist:

Botanical PaperWorks Blog Post Part 1

Once you get engaged (congratulations by the way), your head’s in a love bubble. Your brain could use the extra help to get you started with the planning process. Part 1: 8-12 Months Before the Wedding will help you get started. Trust me, there are about 10 items on this checklist you would never even have considered at this point.

Botanical PaperWorks Blog Post Part 2

Now that you are a little more focused, this is the time to be on the ball. Check out Part 2: 6-8 Months Before the Wedding to help you with your next checklist. Some good advice I can pass along is, this is the perfect time for a girl’s night with your bridesmaids to get all the DIY projects done. If you wait too long, you’ll be stressed with other details of the wedding and won’t enjoy the time with your girls (A bottle of wine helps to not make it feel like work!).

Botanical PaperWorks Blog Post Part 3

This is the point when you want to confirm and book everything, make sure to check out Part 3: 4-6 Months Before the Wedding, so you don’t forget anything major. At this point it is mostly about the bookings but I loved this part before the wedding. This is also the time when you and your fiancé will be doing food, cake and wine tastings…yum!

Botanical PaperWorks Blog Post Part 4

Everything seems like it’s approaching so quickly, don’t worry, 2-3 months is still a great deal of time to get things done. To help with the feelings of panic, make sure you go through the checklist in Part 4: 2-3 Months Before the Wedding.

Botanical PaperWorks Part 5 of the Wedding Planning Checklist

Wow, a month from now and you’ll be a beautiful blushing bride. That is, if you’re not running around frantic the day of sorting out details. To avoid this, make sure you read through Part 5: 1 Month Before the Wedding. Jess has some really great tips to keep you on top of everything…do you have your marriage license? Seems like a crazy question, but believe it or not, that was something my sister (actually her maid of honor-ME) found herself scrambling for last minute!

Botanical PaperWorks Part 6 of our Wedding Planning Checklist

Only a week to go, I’m sure the excitement is building fast. Use that extra energy and make sure you finalize the last of your wedding day details. If you feel like you might lose your head if it wasn’t physically attached to your body, then maybe you should go through Part 6: The Week Before the Wedding, just to put your mind at ease.
Botanical PaperWorks Part 7 of out Wedding Planning Checklists

The big day has finally arrived. Read Part 7: The Wedding Day for Jess’s 5 tips to make the day go smoothly. A little personal advice, at this point there isn’t much you can do if you run in to a little hiccup. The fact is you’ll probably be the only one that notices anyways. Just enjoy the day! You’ve worked so hard for it, and this is a day where everyone you’re surrounded by is there because they love you. It’s an overwhelming and wonderful feeling, so embrace it.

To help with some of your to-dos on your checklists, make sure you check out our plantable seed wedding favors and plantable wedding invitations. We also have a great collection of Free Printables for fun DIY projects for those girl’s nights.

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