World’s first “plantable” dress – wear it and plant it

plantable dress

Last summer, we were excited to be contacted by Apparel Designer Tessa Zeng of Rhode Island School of Design. Here’s what Tessa said in her introduction:

Hello! I am an Apparel Designer from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and we’re delving into recycle-able materials for an upcoming project. Others are using waste products and “recycling” them back into clothing. I had rather a different idea– what if I could create an entire dress out of recycled seed paper? It could be planted after being worn and shown in various exhibitions, and would leave no carbon footprint whatsoever!

We LOVED the idea and partnered with Tessa to provide her with sheets of plantable paper for her project. The project is done and Tessa tells us that the design was very well-received and is being considered for the May fashion show.

Here are some photos of Tessa she creates this first-ever plantable dress. The close-up shot of the stitching just shows the hours of work that went into this very special eco-friendly creation.

Apparel design Rhode Island School of Design featuring plantable dress

And here is the finished dress:

Apparel design Rhode Island School of Design featuring plantable dress

More photos and samples of Tessa’s work are available on Tessa’s blog here. While you’re there, check out her ma dame dress for a contest sponsored by Teen Vogue and Jean Paul Gauthier Ma Dame fragrance. Congratulations Tessa!


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