Seed Paper wedding menus that grow into carrots

“Wouldn’t it be cool…” or How We Came Up With Menus That Grow Carrots

Today’s blog post is written by our company president and co-founder, Heidi Reimer-Epp:

“What if our menu cards grew carrots?!” asked a member of our creative team with an excited voice. We were meeting in the dead of winter to talk about summer wedding invitations. Outside, the wind howled and the snow swirled, but inside, our minds were on summer nuptials and all of the beautiful details – colorful flowers, swirly dresses and warm sunshine.

Immediately, the team was animated as we talked about menu cards that could actually grow carrots. As a company that focuses exclusively on plantable paper, we loved the idea of carrot seed menu cards. It seemed fitting that a menu card would grow something edible, and we talked about how we had worked with carrot seed paper a lot for our corporate clients. We knew that the paper was good to print on and easy to grow. So as a team, we said YES! to plantable menu cards embedded with carrot seeds.

The carrot seed wedding menus started as a small collection to test the concept. Once those designs took off, we added many more designs until we arrived at the current beautiful range of designs.

Here’s how this idea works – You order your menu cards and they arrive at your door, completely printed and ready to go. At the end of the wedding, your guests take the menu card home with them, and they plant it in some soil. The paper will mulch away and the seeds will grow into carrots.

I personally attended a wedding that used the plantable carrot seed menu cards and it was fun to watch the buzz spread around the table. It started with someone casually reading over the event menu…chicken…dessert….etc. Then their eyes rested on the instructions that explained that they could plant the menu card and grow carrots. A small look of confusion, then excitement, crossed their face. And then a quick elbow to the guest sitting next to her (luckily it was her husband!) with “Check this out, you can actually PLANT this and grow CARROTS!”. So fun!

So please take a moment to view the plantable carrot seed paper menu cards, and think about whether you’d like to use them at your wedding or next special event. Happy planning!

Seed paper menus


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