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Why Corporate Gifting Year-Round is Good for Business

Opening a gift package feels special. Discovering a hand-signed card with a personalized message and carefully wrapped items shows special care and thoughtfulness. Giving around the holidays is expected, but what about the other days of the year? Spontaneous corporate gifting stands out which is why more and more businesses are corporate gifting throughout the year.

Physical gifts encourage connections. They remind people that they’re more than just subscribers on an email list or numbers on a spreadsheet. Curious about this opportunity? Keep reading!

Ideas for When to Give Corporate Gifts

1. Work-from-home care packages — To help your remote employees feel connected and valued, many businesses choose to send kitted promotions with a variety of useful work-from-home items such as branded mugs, specialty coffee or tea, technology accessories, or wellness items such as handmade soap.

2. Employee appreciation & milestones — Teams work well together when they feel connected. In efforts to build this connection, businesses give welcome-to-the-team gifts. They also give gifts to celebrate employee achievements, such as earning a certification or going above and beyond on a project.

3. Holidays — Around special days of the year, many businesses send a card or small gift to clients and customers: wishing them a happy birthday, anniversary, and/or holiday season.

4. Customer appreciation — At the end of a project, many businesses thank customers for their business. For example, they may give a gift basket of snacks: chocolates, popcorn, pretzels, or wellness items such as handmade soap.

5. Rewards & special recognition — To thank customers for their loyalty, businesses gift special offers, discounts, or free merchandise.

6. Virtual events — A physical gift is a way to stay connected from afar. Many businesses send attendees gift boxes with items they’ll need at the event. For example, a virtual event gift might include a journal, pen, and cocktail kit.

7. Speaker gifts — If you’re hosting an event and want to thank the speakers and/or those involved in the planning, sharing a gift will help show your appreciation.

The Biggest Impacts of Corporate Gift-Giving 

1. Stronger relationships

Showing appreciation with a gift on unexpected days shows people that you’re thinking of them. They’ll remember that you made them feel seen and valued. This builds trust and improves the perception of your business. Maya Angelou said it best: “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

2. Better employee productivity and morale

Mark the end of a big project with a team lunch. Give a thank-you gift for their 5-year anniversary. Find moments to celebrate. Your team is the biggest support system for your business. Recognizing them for their efforts will encourage them to keep up the good work.

3. Improved customer loyalty

Send a thank-you gift for their business when there’s an opportunity to. Offer prizes or special offers for referrals or reviews. Repeat business is likely to happen because the customer will remember how you went above and beyond to show them they matter. You’ll be top-of-mind the next time they need services like yours again.

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Ideas for Eco-Friendly, Feel-Good Corporate Gifts

Promotional Gift Sets

If you want an effortless solution for corporate gifting try this ready-to-order promotional gift sets that are eco-friendly and memorable. These thoughtfully curated sets express genuine appreciation. Each set showcases a selection of premium items from Botanical PaperWorks, each personalized with your logo, and presented in a recyclable and compostable gift box featuring your branding.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade promotional soaps with natural, vegan ingredients are practical and relaxing. You’ll feel good gifting them, and your recipients will feel good receiving them. They’re kind to the earth with wrapping made with recycled paper, an eco-friendly alternative to bottled options that typically come in plastic containers.

Slip a single bar into a small package with other wellness items, or go with the Deluxe Branded Soap Gift Sets that work as a stand-alone gift.

Soy + Coconut Wax Candles

Candles bring comfort and warmth to personal spaces, making them a great gift to share with employees and clients. Elevate with a personal touch by adding your logo to the front, enhancing the experience and making it truly memorable.

Seed Paper Gifts

Give a bonus gift of gardening with seed paper items are such as these plantable seed paper journals, plantable pencils, and herb garden eco calendars. The textured look of seed paper will start a buzz of conversations. The standard seed paper blend has six different wildflower seeds that your recipient can grow into a garden of blooms. If your brand wants to be creative and fun, this is the way to go.

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