As a seed paper company, our commitment to waste reduction and environmental protection has always been part of who we are. Becoming B Corp certified was a natural step to demonstrate to our customers and community that we prioritize making a positive impact—not only through the products we offer but also on our team members and community.

What does B Corp mean?

Being a Certified B Corporation™ means being part of a global community of businesses that meet rigorous standards for social and environmental impacts from an independent third party (B Lab™). It means we are walking the talk and ensuring our commitments go beyond words to company-wide action. 

Seed paper flag with the B Corp logo on it to showcase official certification for Botanical PaperWorks

Our company motto has been “grow good things” for many years now because using business as a force for good has always been part of who we are from the initial desire to reduce paper waste in school classrooms to our current achievement of recycling over 20 tonnes of paper waste per year!

Moving forward, we are excited to continue our journey as a Certified B Corporation™, constantly striving and challenging ourselves to improve and grow. This work will never end for us; we will always be on a mission to do better. B Corp is now part of our guiding compass by which we can measure, improve, and make decisions. 

We believe that by championing sustainability and social responsibility, we can make a difference in our business, our people, and in the world.

Watch this video to learn what B Corp means for consumers

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