Botanical PaperWorks is a women-owned, Certified B Corporation™ that specializes in making zero waste seed paper that grows when planted. We take recycled paper, and transform it into beautiful plantable paper products embedded with seeds for business promotions, eco-friendly weddings, packaging, and more!

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations celebrate important events and communicate their brand messages with sustainable products that reduce waste and benefit the environment. 

Beyond seed paper, we’ve expanded to offer handmade soaps and eco-friendly soy + coconut wax candles. Proudly made in-house by our team in Canada, every product we make product reflects our commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

Seed paper in a pot of soil that say "Grow Good Things"

“Grow Good Things” is our company motto because it captures our dedication to do good in the world through our business practices, products, and people. We’re here to help you make environmentally conscious choices with confidence and ease.

Join us on our journey to grow good things – for our planet, for our communities, and for future generations.

Our Core Values


Environmental Protection

We’re committed to monitoring and reducing our impact by cutting our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and reducing waste.


Customer Focus

We understand the importance of putting the customer at the center of all of our efforts.


People & Ethics

We’re committed to being a responsible and socially conscious business. Transparency, fairness, and integrity are essential to our team.



We make it a priority to deliver superior product quality consistently. We never stop improving our processes and produce the best products we can.


Community Impact

We’re driven to positively contribute to the community in which we operate and beyond.

Watch the video to hear from Botanical PaperWorks CEO, Heidi Reimer-Epp as she tells the story of how a mother-daughter duo took a leap of faith and built a thriving, global seed paper company together. From how they first came up with the idea, to how seed paper is made, take a behind-the-scenes look at the company!​

Our Commitment to Diversity
& Inclusion

At Botanical PaperWorks, we employ a diverse workforce. Our company is certified as a woman-owned enterprise and our team members represent a wide range of demographic, experiential and cognitive diversity including age, race, gender, sexual orientation, colour, religion, education and abilities. We are committed to seeking a diverse pool of applicants for our job postings by using a variety of inclusive recruiting methods.

Botanical PaperWorks is committed to workplace inclusion. We strive to create a workplace where it is safe to speak up, be heard and feel welcome. We value the opinions and experiences each and every employee because to live out our company values at our best means doing it together. We seek input during regular check-ins, weekly meetings, company lunches and on our intra-company message boards. We celebrate milestones and achievements together. We support individual team members to grow in their specific life circumstances with tailored work schedules and professional development opportunities. We are thankful for our amazing team!

Awards & Accolades

Best In Sustainability
2022 PPPC Awards

Gold Award for Most Creative New Promotional Product
2018 PPPC Image Awards

Bronze Award for Made in Canada
2018 PPPC Image Awards

Bronze Award for Most Beneficial Sales & Marketing Aid
2018 PPPC Image Awards

Innovation in Print
2017 MPIA Name In Print Awards

Silver Award for Best In Green
2016 PPPC Image Awards

Bronze Award for Best Self Promo
2016 PPPC Image Awards

Silver Award for Best In Green
2015 PPPC Image Awards

Silver Award for Best In Green
2014 PPPC Image Awards

Bronze Award for Best In Green
2014 PPPC Image Awards

Small Business Nomination
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Winnipeg Awards

Best Wedding Invitation
2014 Canadian Wedding Industry Awards (Manitoba & Saskatchewan)

Best Overall Wedding Stationery Suite
2014 Canadian Wedding Industry Awards (Manitoba & Saskatchewan)