Want your direct mail to be innovative and eye-catching to cut through the clutter? Choose seed paper for your next campaign! These green promotions have longevity and high recall value.

Your direct mail campaigns can come to life and grow real plants when you choose plantable paper — an eco-friendly choice made using recycled paper embedded with high-quality wildflower seeds or herbs. For over 25 years, brands from all over North America have had great success with plantable direct mail advertising by choosing seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks and we know you will too.

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A girl putting a seed paper card in a mailbox

What Is Plantable Direct Mail?

Plantable direct mail is any direct mail piece printed on “plantable” or seed paper. The paper is embedded with seeds and when the recipient plants it in soil, the direct mail piece grows into flowers or herbs. Here’s a photo sequence showing the paper being planted and then three stages of growth:

With a wide variety of plantable panel card options, you can create a direct mail campaign on seed paper that will help your company create a memorable and long-lasting impression. Our expert team can help to ensure premium results and return on investment for all of your direct mail campaigns.

Visit our green promotions section or contact us to see how seed paper can be used for your direct mail advertising.

Please Note: Botanical PaperWorks offers full-color printing on seed paper and can assist with custom sizes and file setup but we do not offer direct mail-out services at this time.

Why Choose Us?

We want to help make your direct mail campaign a success

There are so many reasons why Botanical PaperWorks’ eco-friendly plantable paper is the perfect fit for your
direct mail campaign. Here are just a few:


Plantable paper is a gift and promotional product all in one

Seed paper not only cultivates appreciation and loyalty among your targeted audience but also enhances the value they associate with your direct mail advertising. This ensures a significant return on your investment as your promotional material transforms into a sustainable and memorable experience for recipients, fostering a positive and enduring connection with your brand.


You'll be creating something memorable

Plantable direct mail products are designed to leave a lasting impression. When recipients choose to plant them, they not only recall your direct mail campaign but also retain your company’s information embedded within. These eco-friendly promotions will undoubtedly spark conversations among friends, families, and co-workers, ensuring a remarkably high retention rate and positive word-of-mouth impact.


You're budget-conscious, and we understand

A wide range of plantable direct mail products means there’s something for every budget to help you earn a solid return on your investment. Whether you’re looking for items like bookmarks and business cards to make a good impression on the masses or gift items like journals and calendars for a specific targeted group, there’s something for every budget in our wide range of plantable direct mail products to help you earn a solid return on your investment. Visit our green promotions section to see what works best for getting your direct mail advertising started!


Showing your eco-commitment goes a long way

With many promotions receiving scrutiny for producing wasteful materials that end up in the trash and landfills, plantable direct mail products exemplify your company’s commitment to environmental consciousness. Crafted from recycled paper, seed paper not only minimizes waste but blossoms into vibrant wildflowers when planted, reinforcing your brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Take a Look at our Direct Mail Clients

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of helping companies including Starbucks, Sony, Time Warner, Pepsi, and Lululemon incorporate seed paper into their direct mail campaigns.

Our clients are located around the world and tell us that our expertise in seed paper, excellent customer service, and ability to meet tight deadlines make working together on their green promotions a smooth experience.

Get Started Today!

Botanical PaperWorks can help your company show its commitment to the environment with a unique and valuable product that will be kept and remembered instead of quickly discarded – an ideal situation for any direct mail campaign.

Get started now and contact us to discuss your project and get a quote. You can also shop online 24/7 by going to the Green Promotions section of this website.

Please Note: Botanical PaperWorks offers full-color printing on seed paper and can assist with custom sizes and file setup but we do not offer direct mail-out services at this time.