Invitations that grow wildflowers when planted? Yes!

Each of these stylish invitation collections is printed on seed paper, a special eco-friendly paper embedded with seeds. When the invitation, place card, thank you card or any piece is planted, the paper composts away and grows into wildflowers. You can even choose Seal and Send Wedding Invitations that have the RSVP and invite in one. Your lucky guests will grow a pot of blooming wildflowers as a memento of your special day! See photos here of the paper in bloom.

Each of these special wedding collections is designed with complementary pieces to accompany the invitations. This area of the website shows you the most popular designs as a collection, but there are more color choices and styles to choose from. And contact us with your questions, we love hearing from you!

Choose custom colors on almost every design FREE of charge!

Watercolor Leaves

Honey Bees

Wild Grass

Graceful Blooms

Abstract Art

Evening Lights


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