When planting seeds, it’s important to consider the impact planting those seeds will have on the ecosystem in which they are planted. What does well in one area, might not in others.

When Botanical PaperWorks developed its classic wildflower seed blend, we carefully selected seeds that would grow in harmony with various environments so there would be no disruptions to established biodiversity.

To help you understand more about the seeds in our seed paper and why they are safe to plant, let’s look at the differences between native, non-native, naturalized non-native, and invasive wildflowers.

Let’s work together to encourage native plant growth across North America.

Choose native species seed paper specific to your region when ordering promotional products! When your promotion is planted, you and your customers will be helping the local ecosystem by contributing to habitats for important species and pollinators such as butterflies and bees. With so much waste being produced everyday, it is more important than ever to make green choices that will have a positive impact on the environment.

Native wildflowers are species that developed and adapted to a specific environment. In some environments, these flowers may be aggressive and spread quickly.

Non-native wildflowers are species introduced to a new area by humans (intentionally or by accident). While some non-natives may have a negative effect, many others are non-threatening and neutral. These neutral non-native flowers are also referred to as naturalized, meaning they’re growing in harmony with their new environment causing no disruptions to established biodiversity. 

Invasive wildflowers cause problems in the local environment. They spread fast, stop native wildflowers from growing, and hurt local wildlife or plant-growing businesses.

Tested & Approved!

None of the wildflowers in Botanical PaperWorks are considered invasive in North America and they will not have negative impacts on
the environment. The seeds are carefully monitored by authorities in Canada and the U.S. and are constantly tested. That means you can be
confident planting Botanical PaperWorks seed paper and feel good about what it will grow.

To learn more about each specific seed type in our wildflower seed paper, visit our seed types & blends page.

Studies and Research

The following articles are helpful resources for deepening your understanding. We’ve included them to inspire you to keep learning and stay informed on new findings in the world of science and biodiversity!

  • ‘Native, non-native and invasive species… what’s the difference?’ – Lilly Center For Lakes and Streams 
  • ‘Can Native Plants Be Invasive?’ – Kim Eierman, Certified Horticulturist through the American Society for Horticultural Science, EcoBeneficial
  • ‘Common Plants You Probably Thought Were Natives’ – Almanac.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All of the seeds used in our paper are NON-GMO.

Yes. All the seeds selected underwent a series of germination and purity tests.

No. All of our seeds are tested for purity and are free from noxious weeds.  

All the seeds selected underwent a series of tests to ensure they grow well in seed paper with sufficient germination rates. When planted appropriately in reasonable growing conditions, we can confidently say that yes, they will grow.