seed paper candle dust covers

Sustainable Eco Packaging: Seed Paper Candle Dust Covers That Grow!

Quality packaging can make any product feel a little more special and gift-worthy; however, it is isn’t always very eco-friendly. If your brand is a champion for the environment, you’ll want sustainable eco-packaging that not only looks great but truly reflects your values to connect with your customers.

Seed Paper Candle Dust Covers are a sustainable eco packaging option that will add value and do something good for the environment!

They are made with recycled post-consumer materials that are embedded with NON-GMO seeds and will actually grow when planted in soil. The plantable candle toppers will protect the candle until they are ready to use it and give the recipient a bonus gift. (Which is excellent for marketing by the way!)

They are also particularly great for handmade candle companies because the seed paper has a natural and handmade feeling that is ideal for artisan-style brands. 

Sustainable eco packaging like these seed paper candle dust covers looks great and will reflect your brand's eco-commintment.
While these plantable candle covers are currently available in a standard 3-inch round size, they can also be custom ordered to fit whatever candle you may be packaging. You can also pick from a variety of sizes for the round hole or order a custom-made wide opening for wooden wicks, no additional fees! All you have to do is include a guide line for the hole when you submit your artwork, and we’ll do the rest.

Here’s a look at the wildflowers you can grow!

snapdragon and clarkia flowers growing out of planted seed paper

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.
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