Thank Nurses During National Nurses Week With Blooming Giveaways

Nurses are the heart of the healthcare system that’s fighting to protect us, and now, more than ever, they deserve thanks and recognition. Some nurses are coming back to work from retirement. Many of them are staying on late-night shifts or working round-the-clock. Many of them are worried about bringing illness home to their kids and families.

This National Nurses Week, show nurses how appreciated they are and remind them that they are the true heroes.

National Nurses Week Appreciation Gifts

Seed paper appreciation gifts send a message of hope and a reminder of the everyday joys that wildflowers can bring

National Nurses Week (May 1 – May 7) and National Wildflower Week (the first week of May) overlap, so bringing the two together makes for a positive, uplifting gift. After receiving your seed paper gift, nurses can plant them in a garden or pot of soil to grow their own wildflowers.

To customize your plantable appreciation gift for nurses, choose from a wide variety of seed paper products, add a thank you message and your branding.

National Nurses Week Appreciation Gifts

Try one of these ideas to get started:

1. Seed Paper Panel Cards or Greeting Cards with your special message that says thank you.
2. Custom Flat Cards with a seed paper shape such as a bright red heart.
3. Grow Kits that include everything needed to plant and grow wildflowers at home.
4. Plantable Pencils they can use to take notes and then plant in soil. (Carnation seeds are available).
5. Seed Paper Gift Card Holders with a gift card to their favorite online shop.

Here some tag lines to consider:

  • You’re a lifesaver.
  • You’re a true hero.
  • We’re in good hands with you.
  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • Thank you for your care and dedication. You’re giving us hope.
  • Thank you for all you do.

Of course, the best way to thank nurses is to stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, and prevent the spread of germs. Following the safety measures that healthcare professionals have been urging people all over the world to follow shows respect and gratitude for healthcare workers who are saving lives every day.


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