eco-living products including handmadesoap, stasher freezer bags, and TruEarth laundry strips

5 Eco-Living Products We Love

Making sustainable swaps feels good to do. By now, you might have already made a few in your home, at work, and in your personal life. There’s always more eco-living products to discover though, and thankfully, new ones keep popping up. Looking for some suggestions? We got you!

Here are some of our team members’ fave eco-living products

You may recognize some, or be surprised by new ideas that’ll give your sustainability vibe a boost! Take it from us, these things really work.

1. Larysa’s Pick: Silicone Bags & Eco-Laundry Strips

Larysa's favorite eco-living products: Stasher bag and TruEarth laundry strips

“I love cooking almost as much as I love eating, so having handy things in the kitchen is a must-have. These Stasher bags can be microwaved, baked, freezed, even boiled. That means flexibility and a huge time saver. Plus, no waste that you typically get from single-use plastic freezer bags! I also love TruEarth laundry stips. They’re easy to use, smell great, and replace a lot of packaging waste from big plastic laundry detergent bottles”

– Larysa, Marketing Coordinator

2. Heidi’s Pick: Refillable Containers

Heidi's favorite eco-friendly items: refillable jars

“I like taking my glass and plastic containers to placed like Bulk Barn and elsewhere to refill on dry goods like spices and grains (cinnamon, rice, oats, cocoa powder etc) and detergents like dish detergent and dishwasher soap.”

– Heidi, CEO & Co-Founder

3. Rachel’s Pick: Natural Handmade Soap Bars

Rachel's favorite eco-friendly items: handmade soaps

“I’ve got a natural soap bar from a farmers market that’s magical and takes stains out of anything.”

– Rachel, Customer Service Representative

4. Morgan’s Pick: Paper Straws

Morgans's favorite eco-friendly items: paper straws

“I’m an avid iced coffee drinker, and I love how lots of corporations are stepping up and removing plastic straws from their restaurant chains, and have introduced more earth-friendly alternatives.”

– Morgan, Customer Service Representative

5. Janice’s Pick: Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottle

“I take it with me everywhere, so I don’t have to buy plastic bottles!”

– Janice, Customer Service Representative

There are so many great eco-living products out there. Do you use these eco-living products? Got some favorites of your own? Share those with us in the comments! We love hearing your recommendations.

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