Best Conference Giveaways

5 of Our Best Conference Giveaways

Giveaways, freebies, and swag are popular and effective ways to get noticed and remembered at conferences. According to an Advertising Specialty Institute 2019 study, promotional products even outperform other advertising mediums in cost-efficiency and impact.

Not all conference giveaways are effective, however.

If you giveaway items attendees don’t need, they will throw it all away. Attendees get swag from multiple businesses depending on the structure of the conference and the speakers invited. Keep your giveaways compact, experiential, and memorable. Stay away from what’s already been done. Going green on conference swag may also be more interesting to attendees (and better for the environment too).

The demand for sustainable products is rising, Nielsen predicts the sustainability market will be worth $150 billion by 2021

As a result, promotional products made out of disposable, single-use, non-eco-friendly materials may not be as successful in the future. Now is the perfect time to go green for your next conference. Seed paper promotional items are 100% plantable, making them a memorable giveaway for conferences. Imagine attendees planting your giveaway in a pot of soil afterward and remembering where they got the seeds from when the plants start to grow.

Here’s a list of our 5 most popular conference giveaways

1. Seed Paper Journals, Notebooks, and Notepads

Eco-friendly conference giveaways

Attendees at conferences will be listening to several speakers and may want to take notes. Even if they don’t use your notebook from the conference, they will likely need extras for their work desk or home office. The covers are plantable and come in various pre-designed options for you to add your logo to.

2. Plantable Pencils

Eco-friendly conference giveaways

Many businesses hand out branded pens as giveaways, so a plantable pencil stands out next to those. Plus, people tend to keep promo writing utensils for an average of 9 months according to the Advertising Speciality Institute. Add your full-color branding to the seed paper sleeve. After use, stick the pencils down into a pot of soil, keep them moist, warm and watered. Watch our video here to see an example of these pencils growing into basil.

3. Seed Packets

Eco-friendly conference giveaways

Small and easily transportable, seed packets are a creative alternative for more traditional swag such as pens and t-shirts. These are especially fitting for spring or summer conferences when gardening enthusiasts are getting ready to start planting. The protective covering is made of compostable corn plastic and the full-color recycled card is customizable.

4. Seed Bombs

Conference Giveaways

These colorful giveaways are a conversation starter. The idea to make seed bombs started when Manhattan artists started tossing seed bombs into abandoned lots and other areas around the city to grow more greenery. Add your branding to a muslin bag or custom-printed topper attached to a biodegradable corn plastic cover. Change the color of the seed bombs to match your branding too.

5. Grow Kits

Eco-friendly conference giveaways

For big conferences where you need to make a lasting impression, surprise attendees with this all-in-one DIY toolkit that makes it easy to grow wildflowers. The pot is made of a biodegradable rice material and the soil wafer included expands when soaked in water. Customize the seed paper wrap cover with your branding and/or customize the plantable shape on top.

With these plantable giveaways, you’ll make a positive, lasting impression on potential clients and customers.

sustainable small business promotional items

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