Botanical PaperWorks Announces New Logo

Just as graduates from university or college might invest in a new suit to prepare for job interviews, a business might upgrade its look to mark a new chapter in its lifecycle. Trends or eras might also encourage style changes. Go-go boots and tie-dye shirts were popular in the ’70s, but not so much in the ’80s. As much as you may want to stay the same, the world around you changes.

If you’ve been in business for over two decades like us, and you haven’t changed your logo since the early years, then you might consider a re-brand. Maybe the core and values of your business stayed the same, but the product lines or target markets expanded. You’ve evolved on the inside, so it’s time to evolve on the outside. That’s part of what led us to launch the new Botanical PaperWorks logo.

Watch this short message from CEO and Co-Founder, Heidi Reimer-Epp about why Botanical PaperWorks decided to update the logo

As with any big company decision, we had a few main reasons to implement the change

1) The landscape of the digital world changed
: When the old Botanical PaperWorks logo was first created, print was the main medium for our marketing material. The intricate floral design looked beautiful on paper but as digital platforms became more prominent, we realized that is didn’t translate as well for things like social media icons and video clips.

2) The customers we served and the markets we reached expanded: The original logo design was created when retail stationery was the company’s main product line. Today, we specialize in products for both businesses and individuals in a variety of industries such as weddings, memorials, and promotional products. We needed a streamlined and simple look that spoke to various markets.

3) Our mission strengthened: Although Botanical PaperWorks had green values from the beginning, recurring global climate emergency announcements in the past few years strengthened our mission. We watched hundreds of companies share their environmental values with seed paper products. The new colors in our logo, two shades of green, celebrate and reflect our team’s eco-friendly, zero-waste mindset in a concise way.

Overcoming the challenge

Without the right resources, rebranding poses a risk to brand recognition, awareness, and loyalty. We may worry others will forget us or not like our new look. Instead of settling in routine, we decided to overcome our fear and take up the rebranding challenge in a few ways.

1) We did our research: Throughout the design phase of the rebrand, we did our research and got a lot of feedback. We asked both employees, customers, and outsiders who weren’t familiar with the brand what they thought of the logos we were considering. Throughout that process, we found a logo that both appealed to us and the public. Evidence for change goes a long way.

2) We’re updating in phases: Launching a new logo is a ton of work because it means updating a ton of marketing material. We made a plan for altering the website, business cards, cards, directories, and anything else with our logo on it. We broke down the growing list and prioritized what needed to go up first, and what could wait for a second phase. Teamwork and patience got us through.

3) We reminded ourselves that not updating the logo was just as risky as changing the logo: By not evolving with the times, you might isolate your business and risk becoming irrelevant. With each generation comes different values. When our business started, we were speaking to Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. Today, we speak to Generation X and Y as well. Recent market research shows these generations care more about the environment than ever. Knowing we had to evolve to keep up with new dialogues gave us the drive we needed to make the change.

At Botanical PaperWorks, we believe growth comes when we allow ourselves to venture into uncomfortable or unfamiliar territory. As long as you’re thorough, strategic and loyal to your instincts, chances are you’ll be happy with the results. We certainly are.

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