Botanical PaperWorks Featured in Promonoise

Recently, Alex Morin, the host of Promonoise, featured custom-branded handmade soaps from Botanical PaperWorks in an enthusiastic video review. Alex talked about the unique farmers market look and feel of the soaps, how they stand out in the promotional products market, and why the ingredients in the soaps are more soothing and eco-friendly than other options from commercial brands. He shares examples of how businesses gift handmade soaps and why the multi-sensory experience helps brands get remembered.

Watch the full segment on the Promonoise YouTube Channel below and find the clip here!

Surprising clients and customers with something new is a quick way to make a lasting impression. Handmade soap promotions have that exciting, unexpected quality, and engage the senses, which is clear to see in Alex’s response to the scents and appearance of the handmade soaps! It was a wonderful opportunity to be featured on Promonoise.

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