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Eco-friendly Business Holiday Cards & Tips For Sending Them

The holiday season is a great time of year for businesses to show their appreciation as well as strengthen customer and business relationships. However, when millions of businesses and individuals are sent them every year, it can lead to a lot of paper waste. Luckily, there are eco-friendly options like plantable seed paper to help! These unique eco-friendly business holiday cards will not only send festive greetings to all your important contacts they will also give them a gift that they can plant and grow! Every card is made with seed paper that is made from recycled material (no trees harmed), so you’ll also be sending a powerful message that shows your respect for the environment. With so many designs available, all you have to do is pick your favorite and submit your logo and message to personalize it for your brand. Here’s how it works:

1) Choose your format & design

This step will mostly be based on preference and what is most suitable for your brand but there are two key formats you’ll find in Botanical PaperWorks business holiday card selections—full seed paper options and plantable piece attached options:

100% Seed Paper Business Holiday Cards: 100% seed paper cards are the most eco-friendly option since they leave zero waste behind. If you want to be as eco as possible, this is definitely the option for you. Recipients will also be able to grow tons of wildflowers or herbs so the gift is more substantial. The tiny bumps of the seeds may make it a little harder to write on, but you can always send digital signatures to add to the inside of the card. This way it has the personalized feeling of handwritten cards but will save you some time.

Eco-friendly Business Holiday Cards That Grow & Tips For Sending Them

Plantable Piece Attached Business Holiday Cards These cards are printed on cardstock and have a seed paper piece attached. The plantable portions are smaller, so the piece doesn’t offer as many seeds, but the creativity of the shape makes the card feel a little more special and interesting. The paper is also smooth so it’s easier to write on.

2) Place your order and send us your full-color logo & message

All of our Plantable Business Holiday Cards can be personalized with your greeting and logo. Some of the templates also have a spot for a URL, and you can request that added to any card if you like. You can also send digital signatures and we’ll add those in free of charge.

3) Proof & Print

After your order has been placed, we’ll send you a digital proof to make sure everything is just the way you want it. Once approved, we’ll print your business holiday cards, and will typically ship within 5 business days. All you have to do is send them out. Contact us to place your order today!

Tips for sending business holiday cards

  • Be sure to include your logo and a custom message that reflects your brand personality.
  • Don’t go digital. We all receive tons of promotional emails every day so your holiday greeting could just get lost in the clutter. Sending a card by mail the old-fashioned way shows more sentiment and is simply more effective.
  • Have staff sign the card or create digital signatures to print inside the cards. This shows that attention was paid to each card and will make them more personal.
  • Order as far in advance (6-8 weeks) so you can make sure you can get all the cards signed and addressed in time to get them in the mail by Dec 10th.
  • Avoid card designs that are religious or say Christmas. Not everyone celebrates the same holiday, so seasonal greetings or holiday wishes are more appropriate.
  • Include a small gift or token of appreciation if you can. Seed paper holiday ornaments are a great eco-friendly addition to your holiday cards.

Plantable Promotions Holiday Idea Book

We have tons of eco-friendly ways to help you celebrate the holiday season and share a green message. From corporate gifts to giveaways and even corporate holiday party invitations, you’ll find all kinds of inspiration for the season in this idea book to help you stand out and GROW brand awareness this holiday season! Save

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow. Created with biodegradable materials, seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Learn more about how you can incorporate this special, eco-friendly paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and download our full Seed Paper Promotions Catalog.


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