Happy Birthday seed paper card holders

{case study} Seed Paper Gift Card Holders For Employee Birthdays


  • Acknowledge employee birthdays in a meaningful and eco-friendly way
  • Show staff appreciation

Strategy and Execution

Botanical PaperWorks has always been passionate about sharing greeting cards to celebrate special moments and birthdays are no exception. Until recently, every employee would get a greeting card signed by all the entire Botanical PaperWorks team on their birthday as a thoughtful way to show that every staff member is valued and appreciated.

However, over time as the company grew, so did the number of birthdays. This made it a little more difficult to manage the signing of the cards, and because everyone was signing cards so often, it got to the point where rather than writing a nice message in every card, people would just sign their names. It was still a valued an appreciated way of celebrating, but as the company was moving towards a strategy of digital communications wherever possible, we decided it was time to replace the greeting cards with a reusable gift card instead.

Of course, we still wanted a nice birthday-themed addition to making the gift cards more meaningful, so we decided to use custom-designed Seed Paper Gift Card Holders. This way we could include some branding inside and a nice birthday message. We also wanted people to have the chance to say Happy Birthday so we also decided to post birthdays on our Basecamp network so that everyone can post a message, emoji or even a meme or two.


The feedback from the staff has been excellent. Each staff member who has received one so far has been so thankful for the token of appreciation and glad that no waste is left behind. Birthdays at Botanical PaperWorks are better than ever!

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