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Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations For The Latest Wedding Trends

The holiday season may be upon us but a new year is just around the corner, and for many couples that might be getting engaged over Christmas, it just might be the best year yet! That’s why we are so excited to share the latest handmade seed paper wedding invitations designed for our favorite wedding themes that we hope to see more of in 2019.

From soft greenery to bright and cheerful lemons, these new designer styles are not only eye-catching they’re also eco-friendly since they are printed on handmade seed paper, a special biodegradable paper that doesn’t leave any waste behind and actually grows into habits for important pollinators.

Take a look at these new seed paper wedding invitations for 2019!

Watercolor Leaves Plantable Wedding Invitations

seed paper wedding invitation with watercolor leaves

Soft greenery with natural and organic decor is a lovely look for couples planning stylish, yet eco-friendly weddings. Not only are do these gorgeous wedding invitations capture and set the tone perfectly but they will also compost in soil so that no waste is left behind, just wildflowers!

Succulents Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

seed paper wedding invitation with succulents

Soft succulents paired with geometric shapes is a lovely combination for modern brides that are looking for something a little different than tradition floral elements. These artistic seed paper wedding invitations perfectly capture the stylish look with watercolor textures and vibrant colors. Your guests will love the look and how precious they feel when they discover the paper itself is embedded with seeds that will bloom and grow when planted in soil.

Lemons Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

seed paper wedding invitation with lemons

Cheerful citrus inspired wedding invitations are perfect for stylish summer weddings. Pair the look with ice cold beverages like lemonade cocktails and your guests will be ready for a fun filled outdoor event!

Lakeside Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

seed paper wedding invitation with mountains

Lakeside getaway weddings are an intimate way for outdoorsy couples to celebrate in a place where they feel the most at home. Whether it’s at the family cabin or favorite campground, this lakeside invitation captures a beautiful scenic spot in the great outdoors and gives back to nature since it will grow wildflowers!

Blue Delft Long Plantable Wedding Invitations

seed paper wedding invitation with blue deft design

Lavish and beautifully ornate, these dutch-inspired wedding invitations have a royal feeling that will get your guests excited for your special event. The unique long style has plenty of room for details and even your RSVP info so that you don’t have to order reply cards.


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