plantable seed paper favors for green burials and eco friendly celebrations of life

Plantable Memorial Products For Green Burials & Eco-friendly Life Celebrations

(see full poem by Lurana Brown at the end of this article)

Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of life’s greatest challenges. Memories are something we hold close but are often difficult to grasp when flooded with the sorrow of a goodbye. It’s impossible to prepare for these most painful moments, but through our grief, we can find ways to remember and celebrate one’s life in a way that is as beautiful as their memory.

Choosing to remember a loved one in a way that has a positive impact on the environment has a symmetry to it that reflects and honors the balance and beauty of life itself. We are all connected by this Earth we share. From the grass to the sky — it is ours to protect and cherish for generations to come. Requesting a green burial as your final wish for yourself or for someone else, will not only benefit the planet, but it can help loved ones heal by connecting with nature and respecting that we are all a part of something much bigger and more beautiful than we ever imagined.

What is a green burial?

A green or all-natural burial is a way of caring for the deceased that will minimize the environmental impacts and contribute to the restoration and preservation of natural habitats. By conserving resources, reducing emissions and using non-toxic or biodegradable materials, green burials are about making eco-friendly choices to benefit the planet and future generations.

By making eco-conscious choices for the burial itself and for all aspects of the life celebration and service, you can pay tribute to a loved one in a way that respects the environment and gives back to the Earth as a symbol of hope. Seed paper memorial products that grow flowers and contribute to habits for bees and other important pollinators are just one of the ways you can make an eco-friendly choice.

Here are some of our Plantable Memorial Products for Green Burials & Services:

Photo Memorial Seed Cards

These Photo Memorial Seed Cards are ideal for green burials. You'll be able to give loved ones a little keepsake along with a plantable gift they can plant to grow wildflowers.

A picture can bring back all of your most cherished memories, and with these thoughtful Photo Memorial Cards you’ll be able to give loved ones a little keepsake along with a plantable gift that they can plant. Available in three symbolic seed paper shapes, these plantable memorial cards will provide comfort to those grieving and give back to the Earth with blooming wildflowers.

Plantable Memorial Shapes

These memorial products offer grieving family members a unique way to honor their loved one and the environment - wildflowers grow from the paper when planted.

These Plantable Memorial Shapes are a unique way to offer grieving family members a little token that they can take to plant in a special place in a private moment of reflection that will honor their loved one and the environment. As the biodegradable paper composts away, all that’s left will be living and blooming wildflowers to grow wild and free.

Seed Packet Memorial Favors

These Seed Packet Memorial Favors are perfect to offer friends and family at a green burial. They can take them home and spread the seeds in loving memory and grow beautiful flowers.

Share and spread seeds in loving memory and grow beautiful Forget-me-nots or wildflowers by offering friends and family these seed packets. Printed on recycled card stock and packaged in a biodegradable corn plastic envelope, you’ll feel good knowing your memorial favors aren’t harmful to the planet.

Growing wildflowers in memory can provide a great sense of comfort. That's why we love sharing our seed paper memorial products with those looking for a way to honor and remember loved ones.

Growing Wildflowers in Memory

Planting seeds of any kind and tending to plants during a time of grief can provide a great sense comfort or meaning. Perhaps it’s the soil itself or the hopeful essence of tiny sprouts that grow, but planting new life has a ceratin symbolism and beauty to it. That is why we love sharing our seed paper memorial products with those looking for a way to honor and remember loved ones. As the flowers grow and bloom, they will be reminded of how in every ending, there is a new beginning. What is lost, is merely changed.

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Come to the Forest to Visit Me
– Lurana Brown

Come to the forest to visit me
Down by the roots of a tree
Waste not your tears on cold, stone graves
Water a flower for me

Give me to the earth when my winter comes
Bury me deep in the ground
Mark not my place with statues or caves
Find me where life can be found

Come to the woods when autumn leaves turn
Golden and copper and red
Rustle up memories, seeds of joy stored
Kick up the leaves in my stead

Visit a garden on warm, summer days
Keep company with blossoms and bees
Remember my heart blooms forever in yours
Take comfort from shushing shade trees

Let springtime surround you with life and the living
Birdsong and budding green leaves
Look up at the sky, give thanks for sun and rain
When you think of me, please smile more than grieve

Come to the forest to visit me
Down by the roots of a tree
Waste not your tears on thoughts of death
Water a new flower for me

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